NAEB Newsletter (May 1952)

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UNIVERSITY' OF MINNESOTA INSTALLS CLOSED CIRCUIT TV EQUIPMENT The University ..of Minnesota recently purchased closed circuit television equipment, The equipment includes a two-camera chain together with apparatus for picture monitor¬ ing and blending, television sound pick-up and reproduction of film. .Studio lights, repair parts and test equipment were also purchased. In developing the television project KUOM will work jointly with the University’s Audio Visual Education Service, Institute of Technology, School of Journalism, and Department of Speech and Theatre Arts. The newly*purchased equipment will be used by personnel of the five departments to develop TV production and technical skills. It will also be used for rehearsals of University television programs produced from time to time over Twin City TV stations. In addition, the University plans to offer courses in television production and engineering. The equipment is housed in the audio-visual motion picture studio at the University armory. ADULT EDUCATION (LOWELL) PROJECT REPORT William Harley, coordinator of the Adult Education Project, has prepared the progress report on the project which is quoted below: Jeffersonian Heritage : Four programs have been produced on tape, starring Claude Raines in the title role. Production will be resumed after Raines returns from London; in the interim, four scripts are being written by Milton Geiger so that they can be produced immediately upon Raines’ return. ■ People Under Communism is the title selected for the five full-hour programs on the U.S.S.R. Four of the five scripts in this series are finished and two of the programs are currently in production. It is hoped that all will be completed by May 15. Ways of Mankind: Four scripts have been completed in this series written by Lister Sinclair and Len Peterson of the CBC. Production has been held up pend¬ ing the availability of Andrew Allen, chief of production for CBC, who has just returned from England. Three shows were scheduled for production in Toronto the week of May 5 th. Discussion of Public Affairs : Four pilot series are being developed in this area: 1. International Discussion Series - based upon a plan by Neil Morrison, Direc¬ tor of Talks for the CBC. Morrison, along with Harmon Grieswood, Director of the Third Programme, whom we are bringing over from London, met with us in New York April 28 - 30 to discuss plans. Helen Hyatt Weller, conductor of the Herald Tribune Forum, has been hired by NAEB to administer this series. 2. "Talk Back" - Series of programs utilizing expert opinion integrated with citizens' responses will be under the direction of Ralph Tangney,. Lowell Insti¬ tute Cooperative Broadcasting Council. 3 . A series of interviews from Europe will be taped by Milton Mayer, Journalist and writer, currently teaching at the University of Frankfurt. 4. A series of 52 quarter hour talks on communications and public opinion with particular emphasis on the role of radio and television.