NAEB Newsletter (Sept 1958)

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r NEWSLETTER NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL BROADCASTERS VOL. XXIII, NO. 9 URBANA, ILLINOIS SEPTEMBER, 1958 CBS PRESIDENT NAMED TO SPEAK AT CONVENTION Merle Jones, president of the Columbia Broadcasting System, will speak at the 34th annual NAEB Con¬ vention, according to a recent announcement by Convention Chairman Jack McBride. Program plans near completion and conventioners are urged to pre-register for the meetings which are scheduled for October 14-17 in Omaha, Neb. Head¬ quarters for the four-day convention will be the Hotel Sheraton-F ontenelle. Additional speakers who have been invited to participate in the convention proceedings include: Sen. Warren S. Magnuson, author of the Magnuson Bill; Hon. Fred Seaton, Secretary of the Interior; C. Scott Fletcher, president of The Fund For Adult Edu¬ cation; Marshall McLuhan, editor of Explorations, Toronto, Canada; Robert Saudek, executive producer of Omnibus, Robert Saudek Assoc.; Donald McGan- non, president of the Westinghouse Broadcasting Co.; Sylvester “Pat” Weaver, independent producer; and an FCC Commissioner. Pre-convention activities include meetings of the NAEB Board, ETRC Affiliates and various NAEB committees, with the regular convention program focusing on general and business sessions and individ¬ ual clinics. Program highlights for the convention include: —President Jones’ speech the evening of Wednes¬ day, October 15 —A tour of Strategic Air Command Headquarters and underground war rooms with color television communications system, at nearby Offutt Air Force Base —Clinics showing practical demonstration treat¬ ments of radio and TV broadcasting problems ^i suggested by members —Briefing sessions with capsule reports on major radio and TV projects across the country —Periods allocated for individual Regional and committee meetings —Opportunities to audition NAEB Network tapes and to screen ETRC kinescopes, both in-school and general —A special “What’s Your Problem?” hour with experts in different areas available for individual consultation —Broadcast equipment manufacturers’ displays —Election of officers; reports from Headquarters and from officers and committees —The NAEB Annual Banquet with an outstanding speaker and program in the offing; entertain¬ ment following NAEB stations and production centers are invited to arrange for their own individual displays, as there will be space provided to set them up. In addition to the program planned for convention participants, a separate group of activities is planned for the wives, so plan to bring them. Of interest to the ladies will be a tour of Boys Town, a visit to the Joslyn Art Museum, a luncheon and style show, and a special Women’s Hospitality Room. Co-hosting the Convention are three Nebraska With apologies to John Heywood .... OLD PITCHERS HAVE BIG EYE (APPEAL) ... so for an appealing decor at NAEB convention, we’d like to use “old pitchers.” Any of our AM stations who can provide us with photos showing the “then” and “now” of their operations are in¬ vited to submit them to Headquarters. We’re also looking for zany shots of NAEB members taken during workshops or seminars. Please send us anything that you think might add to the festivities. 1