NAEB Newsletter (Sept 1958)

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bama and North Carolina. —N A E B— In another action adopted July 30, the FCC pro¬ posed rule making in Docket No. 12567 to permit television translator stations to operate with a maxi¬ mum power of 100 watts whereas the present maxi¬ mum power output of these translators is 10 watts. Around 125 translators are now in operation, having been authorized by the Commission in May 1956. At that time, power output was limited to 10 watts until data upon actual operation could be obtained. In the two years which have elapsed since this authorization, the FCC has received no reports of interference between translators or other services. Since numerous requests have been received to in¬ crease power output, the Commission believes that consideration should be given to permit this increase since the additional power will improve the service now being provided as well as bringing service to new areas where there is little or no TV reception. Translators retransmit the signals of another tele¬ vision broadcasting station or another translator by direct frequency conversion to the top 14 channels (70 to 83) of the UHF television band. —N A E B— A note from Hartford Gunn of WGBH, Boston, states that their Ampex Videotape Recorder is now installed and in operation. He reports that their biggest problem to date is how to keep down traffic on the machine. —N A E B— WILL-TV is looking for a used GPL image orthi- con camera chain as well as an iconoscope film chain. They have some large screen RCA television projec¬ tion equipment to trade for the above. If you are interested in making a swap, contact Rob R. Beldon, chief engineer, WILL-AM-FM-TV, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill. —N A E B— In answer to the rising need for standardization of video tape recording practices in the television industries, Mr. Axel G. Jensen, Bell Telephone Labs, Engineering Vice-President of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers has announced the formation of a Video Tape Recording Engineering Committee, by the Society. The official scope of the committee, which will be chaired by Mr. Howard A. Chinn, CBS Television, will be “To propose standards and good engineering practices for the construction, operation and measure¬ ment of video tape recording and reproducing equip¬ ment and for those video tape or other characteristics which affect performance and interchangeability.” Initially, the committee plans to consider stand¬ ardization in the following areas: tape (dimensions and identification), tape reels (hub and flange), tape tracks (locations, video-, audio-, control-, and cue- tracks) , recorded signal electrical characteristics (video, audio, control and cue), tape leaders, methods of measurement, terminology and tape splicing. The committee will be composed of engineers experienced in the areas of tape manufacturing, equip¬ ment manufacturing and broadcasting. It will also have liaison with other organizations in the television and related fields. The committee has already started preliminary investigation into all the areas tentatively established within the scope of its activities. PLAN AHEa d FOR NAEB CONVENTION OCTOBER 14-17, 1958 OMAHA, NEBRASKA NEWSLETTER