NAEB Newsletter (Sept 1957)

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NEWSLETTER NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL BROADCASTERS 14 GREGORY HALL URBANA, ILLINOIS COMMERCIAL STATION OFFERS ONE-HALF- MILLION-DOLLAR SIFT FOR ETV A gift of one-half-million dollars worth of equipment for a proposed ETV station has been offered to the Mohawk-Hudson Council on Educational Television, Schenectady, N. Y. by the Van Curler Broadcasting Corp., operator of WTRI and UHF Channel 35. The offer is contingent upon action by the FCC to assign all commercial stations in the Schenectad'y- Albany-Troy area to VHF channels and upon favor¬ able action on a proposal to maintain two UHF channels in the area for educational use. The FCC, which proposed that commercial sta¬ tions now on UHF switch to VHF, planned to assign the UHF channels elsewhere. A petition by the Council has requested the retention of two UHF channels in the area. The offered equipment consists of transmitting facilities, tower, antenna, buildings and land. Vacation schedule pressures have prevented Pre¬ sident Paulu from submitting his monthly column for this issue. The column will be continued in the October Newsletter. MEMO FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR —Harry Skornia Yes; thank you; I had a fine vacation during July. Fishing, swimming, a little writing and just plain “lying around.” I’ve come back with renewed energy, enthusiam and eagerness to make this a banner year. On August 7 and 8 the Research Committee met in Chicago to plan the NAEB Seminar to be held (with Kellogg Funds) at Ohio State. This is now tentatively scheduled for December. All actives and NAEB Newsletter Vol. XXII, No. 9 September, 1957 NAEB Newsletter, a monthly publication issued by the National Association of Educational Broadcasters, 14 Gregory Hall, Urbana, III., $5 a year, edited by Hans J. Massaquoi. associates have already received questionnaires to as¬ sist in planning this. If you haven’t already returned them — please do. Out of this Seminar, and present planning of the Committee, chaired by Raymond Cheydleur, should come a level and volume of research activity which U.S. educators and educational broadcasters have long needed. We have high hopes and big plans. By the time you read this, the ETV Management Seminar (with Ford Funds) will have been held at Allerton House. This promises to be a lively and important session and will be reported on as soon as possible in the Newsletter. I personally expect to have left by August 23 for Alaska where (with John Groller, Dr. Louis Evans and Fred Palmer from “The States”) I shall be doing my best to help the All Alaska Presby¬ terian Conference in plans for better religious as well as educational uses of radio and television in their mission work. I’ve spent a lot of time on this, writing my addresses while in Northern Mich¬ igan, because I’m deeply interested in this subject as well as in the work of the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church, and the church generally. On this too, I shall hope to have a report at a later date. Meanwhile, plans move forward for other com¬ mittee meetings, seminars and workshops to be held during the year; for the convention about which you’ll be hearing more and more from Marguerite Fleming, convention chairman; and a cluster of other meetings which will keep us very busy from Oc- 1