NAEB Newsletter (Sept 1957)

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tober through December. These include the UNESCO National Commission Conference at San Francisco, Adult Education and CNO Conventions and many others (besides a stepped-up tempo of NAEB activities) as we move into the “Convention Season.” We’ll keep you apprised of everything that affects the NAEB in all these. Generally there are few which do not. Otherwise we should not be taking so much time for them. Once again, we’re in the midst of a pretty com¬ plete change in office and network personnel here at 14 Gregory Hall. We hope that, by the time our next issue goes to press, we may again be more settled. At the moment we are completing copy for the new NAEB Directory, which is to be printed for the first time. We shall hope you have this, also, by the time the October issue of the Newsletter reaches you. If there are any errors in it, please let me know. This is the only way we can keep it up to date. NETWORK NEWS —Bob Underwood It is with deep regret that we announce the de¬ parture of one of our most valuable employees, Mr. Adeleke (Leke) Ojo. Leke and his wife completed their studies at the University in June and are now on their way back to Nigeria, Africa, where they will teach in elementary and secondary schools. We are sorry to see Leke go because he was a good friend and a willing worker. ***** Orders are coming in for the fourth quarter offering, and we are pleased to note how many stations are ordering now instead by deadline time. What with the vacation season upon us, we would have been hard pressed to keep our books in order should everyone have decided to order at the last minute. Thanks for your help. Speaking of vacations, our wealthy traffic man¬ ager, Peggy Enderby, took her husband for a trip to New York City where, we understand, they are having a very nice time. Jess Trump, our engineer, took his vacation at home helping with the new baby, Richard. I got a week off to visit my in-laws, but I think I’m going to sneak off for another week or two a little later in the year. Our full-time dup¬ licator operator, Zoltan Ujhelyi, is going to look over his new homeland plus a trip into Canada: we hope he doesn’t get lost. As you probably can tell, there isn’t much go¬ ing on at this time of the year; but by next month we expect to be back in the swing of full production. Be sure to make your plans for St. Louis where I hope to see all of you. PICTURES FOR THE NEWSLETTER —Hans J. Massaquoi, Editor Ancient Chinese wisdom holds that one picture tells a story better than thousand words. In the belief that this is correct, we would' like to include in our Newsletter as many photos and illustrations as space permits. Here is where you come in; for without your contributions of picture material our good intentions will have to remain just that. Each month your highly appreciated news re¬ leases tell us of a multitude of interesting activities in which you or your organizations participate, ranging from “plain old” meetings to the construction of new radio and TV stations. How about supple¬ menting some of this information with a snapshot or two to give all our readers an idea of what the new stations, convention sites, experiments etc. look like? Although we would like to accompany each news item about newly appointed personnel with a photo of the person involved, the great number of such news and limited Newsletter space make this im¬ possible. So, please don’t bother sending photos of the passport variety if they relate exclusively to staff appointments. Thanks a lot for keeping us up to date about your activities. From now on we shall be searching our mail for loads of interesting pictures from you. A WORD OF TRIBUTE —Harry J. Skornia I would like to register here the loss which many of us have suffered in the death of Ralph H. Hardy on August 5, at the age of 41. I worked with Ralph in many contacts (at UNESCO, where he was vice chairman of the U. S. National Commission; in religious broadcast projects; and while he was at NARTB). In Ralph’s death we have suffered the loss of one of the finest and cleanest minds in our field'. Our regrets to CBS, which had recognized his fine abilities with a vice presidency; our sympathies to his wife and five children. We shall all miss him. 2 NEWSLETTER