NAEB Newsletter (May 1957)

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CONVENTION COMMITTEE ANNOUNCED The Convention Planning Committee is hard at work on next fall’s NAEB Convention. Margu¬ erite Fleming, chairman, asks that all members forward their ideas or suggestions to her, or a committee-member near them. The committee membership is: Gale Adkins, George Arms, Has¬ kell Boyter, R. Edwin Browne, Edward Dumit, Richard Hull, Dorothy Klock, Jack McBride, Harold McCarty, Leo Martin, Allen Miller, Hugh Mix, Rev. R. C. Williams, Gerald J. Willsea, and Frank Schooley. WELCOME MAT FOR BROADCASTERS IN ACPRA The American College Public Relations Assoc., once almost exclusively for “press” and “news bureau, personnel, now offers a special invitation to radio and TV broadcasters in colleges and universities. At their annual meeting in Omaha, June 24-27, ACPRA will formally organize a new “Communica¬ tions Section.” The section will serve as a focal point for all media-workers in higher education who are concerned with institutional public relations. The welcome mat is out for broadcasters to at¬ tend the organizational meeting of the Section: 3 p.m., June 24. NAEBer Lynn Poole of Johns Hopkins is presi¬ dent of ACPRA this year. The planning committee for the new Communications Section includes William Bender, Jr., of the University of Michigan, who is also a member of the NAEB Public Relations Com¬ mittee. UNIVERSITE RADIOPHONIQUE INTERNATIONALE —Keith Engar And Bernard Buck NAEB Fuibright Scholars in Paris and Rome We represented NAEB at the convention of URI (International University of the Air) held in Paris April 2-4. Sponsored and financed by the French Broadcasting System, URI promotes exchange of university-level programs among member organiza¬ tions. Twenty-eight nations and' international groups were represented at this year’s meeting. We made no commitments for NAEB to pro¬ vide the URI with program material, but instead obtained a clear proviso that NAEB could sub¬ mit series whenever the organization was able to do so. Perhaps the major value in the convention was the opportunity of establishing rapport with educa¬ tional broadcasters from so many different countries. It will be only a matter of time before international ARE OUR FACES RED! Way back in the February Newsletter we listed a Frank Williams under the Associate Members Committee list. We meant the very Rev. R. C. Williams, S.J. of Creighton Univer¬ sity, and somewhere along the line his name became scrambled. Our apologies to all concerned. exchange on a grand scale will be an accomplished fact, with resulting rich rewards to U.S. educational radio and TV stations. Certainly educational broad¬ casters the world over owe a great deal to Radio- television Francaise for organizing and financing URL , . If we may add a personal note, many thanks are due to M. Michel Robida of RTF who proved such a grand host. As director of Cultural Exchange for RTF, M. Robida was responsible for the detailed planning of URI. We noted that everyone at the conference inquired about Seymour N. Siegel, who presided over the Technical Committee of URI in the 1955 meeting, and Dr. Harry Skornia, who is remembered for his excellent work in Vienna. NETWORK NEWS —Bob Underwood If we disregard those hectic days around NAEB Convention time, the next few weeks promise to be the busiest of the year for me. First, I am to attend the Fourth Allerton Seminar on Radio Programming to be held from April 21-24; then back to the office for a few days in an attempt to find the bottom of my ever full in-box; and finally off to Columbus for the IERT meeting. That is quite a schedule, and I am beginning to realize the problems traveling must present to the NAEB President and the Execu¬ tive Director who, it seems, are constantly on the road. After glancing at the list of speakers and sche¬ dule of events for the Allerton Seminar there is no doubt in my mind regarding the success of this meet¬ ing, and I am looking forward to it with great antici¬ pation—not just because I will learn something from each speaker, but mainly for the opportunity it pro¬ vides for a group of NAEB people interested in radio to get together and exchange ideas on how both NAEB as a whole and each individual NAEB mem¬ ber station can improve its program services. The IERT meeting provides the same type of opportunity. However, I look on the IERT meet¬ ing as a chance for me to meet and discuss network problems with you; not through this monthly column or by a letter, but face to face where you can talk back should you feel so disposed. What I would like to do is travel to each station once a year where we could discuss your problems and 4 NEWSLETTER