NAEB Newsletter (May 1956)

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HEADQUARTERS NEWS NAEB LEGAL COUNSEL REPORTS In January we requested and received from Cohn and Marks, our legal counsel in Washington, a statement of their activities on behalf of the NAEB during the calendar year 1955. Although this report has been presented to the Board, it has not yet appeared in the Newsletter « It is presented herewith, since we believe it will be of interest to all NAEB Members. It reveals the attention and activity provided us by our Washing¬ ton legal representation. /' t k ^ /l. Preparation of Comments filed with the FCC regarding proposed rulemaking on the use of intercity relay facilities for television stations. 2. Statement of position of NAEB with respect to FCC proposed rulemaking on campus radio stations. 3. Representation of NAEB interests with respect to re¬ vision of postal rates on shipments of tape recordings and films. 4. Representation of NAEB before FCC with respect to daj'- tirne skywave proceedings affecting clear channels and daytime- only operations. / ,, £jl 5. Preparation of position by NAEB on FCC proposal for low- power television stations. / 6. Review of subscription television proposals pending before FCC, and advice regarding effect on educational institu¬ tions . 7. Review of FCC proposed rulings with respect to al¬ lowable spurious emissions and the control of harmonics. 8. Review of Petition by National Association of Manu¬ facturers with respect to the allocation of FM broadcast chan¬ nels for industrial users.