NAEB Newsletter (May 1956)

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9. Study of Customs regulations on the importation of recordings from foreign sources. / / S ¥<t> 10. Preparation of comments regarding mechanical announce¬ ments by educational stations to be filed with the FCC in pro¬ posed rule making. /lSS a 11. Preparation of Comments on behalf of NAEB with respect to assignment of FM channels for educational use in Alaska. '■ 12. Preparation of Comments filed with the FCC with respect to the allocation of television channels for educational use, and opposing the deletion of FM frequencies. Leonard Marks January 1956 After the rather exhaus¬ tive report in last month’s N ewsletter . this one will be relatively brief. Thanks to the many of you who took the time to drop a note saying how pleased you were to be brought up to date on recent activities and contacts of the NAEB. I attended the Affiliates’ Meeting of the ETRC on Sunday night and Monday, the 15th and 16th of April, in Columbus. I do not believe that I am the one who can best report on relations with the Center in general but I should like to say that their program planning, and the publications which they will soon be putting out as a part of their responsibility for the promotion of educational television nationally, is a story full of imagination and great energy, supported by adequate finds and staff to do this job. One of the more interesting announcements made at this meeting was that Ken Christiansen will be joining the Center staff July 1 on a permanent basis. Others being added, in the enlargement of the program staff from three to six, are Gordon Gray, Don Feddersen, Ken Wright and Milo Ryan-all these on