Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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x > ame : x zz AN OUS PLAYERS THEATRES K VE. VOL, 1 NO. 4 7” SELL AND PROF\" aa Yi fy ‘4 SHOWMANSHIP, K MARCH 23, 1956 TWELVE THINGS TO REMEMBER I have a note from Rube Bolstad on my desk ... a short, terse note virtually loaded with verbal dynamite, In it he simply lists twelve things for the aspiring, or successful executive to mull over ... digest carefully ... and REMEMBER. This note has didn't know quite how to treat the contents. lain on my desk for many weeks, I simply Each of the twelve points is potent enough to justify a full-scale editorial ... and yet, taken separately, So ... I've decided to exactly as they were given to me, eee 2. The By Lhe Lh. The 5. The 6. The on Dhie 8. The 9. The 10, The 11. The 12. The the over-all implication may become lost. list the twelve points for you to remember Here they are, value of time, success of perseverance, pleasure of working. dignity of simplicity. worth of character. influence of example. power of kindness, obligation of duty. wisdom of economy. virtue of patience, improvement of talent. joy of originating. There you have the philosophy of the ages condensed into twelve simple statements. Mr, Bolstad suggests that we remember these twelve points ... I don't think remembering is quite enough. I think that we should incorporate each and every one of them into our everyday living ... integrate them into our normal thought patterns ,., make them a part of our very being, and translate the mental processes which must result, into physical action, If ever a handbook is published as a guide to executive success, here you have the twelve chapter headings, If you prove an apt scholar, and not just a surface-skimmer ... then, brother, the world can truly be your oyster, Now ,.. take anothér glance, read those twelve points again ... and remember ... they are TWELVE THINGS TO REMEMBER. FAMOUS PLAYERS CANADIAN CORPORATION Wetay D.E.K. 1200 ROYAL BANK BLDG., TORONTO COMPILED AND EDITED BY DAN KRENDEL << ———S S338