Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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ALERT MERCHANDISING KEY TO GROSSES It's no secret that the grosses you ring up at your boxoffice are directly related to the effort you expend in merchandising your attractions, It!s been saidcountless times before ... it's the keynote of nearly every meeting of exhibitors, circuit or independent ... everybody knows it, but it seems that far too few take the trouble to do anything about it, Them's harsh words? maybe ... but sitting on this side of the desk one gets a panoramic view of our circuit operation in terms of individual effort, and sometimes, when an attraction which knocks tem dead just about everywhere else, lays down and dies in a handful of spots ,.. well, it doesn't take too much searching to come up with the reason, If you don't properly sell your product fellows, the guys who make this product available to us are going to turn to other, more lucrative fields of income in competition with your theatre, and your living. Don't kid yourself about that. They!re only human, and they're in business to make a buck ,.. just as you are, The distributors have learned the importance of alert merchandising. They're pouring millions into pre-selling jobs, and they're sending more and more men out on the road to help you with your end of it, Max Youngstein of United Artists has fifty field men covering the nation ... Other distributors are adding to their staffs of merchandising experts, Everything possible is being done to help you move your merchandise, But ... what are XOU doing about it? Study your results again ... carefully ... and then say ... if you honestly can .., that you have really done an honest-to-goodness job of selling. Remember ,.. Alert merchandising is the key to your grosses, And, how are your grosses stacking up? oKeXeXake BASTER!'S PRACTICALLY HERE The first day of Spring has come and gone, and only a few days are left before Easter officially ushers in the season, Does YOUR theatre reflect this transition from a long, hard winter to the balmy, perfumed breezes of Spring? This is the season when all nature awakens ,,, even the bears come out of their hibernation. How about you, fella? Are all your plans laid, and you're just waiting around listening to the jingle of your box-office? Oh yeah? What plans have you made to give your customers .,., both adult and juves ... something just a little bit extra for Easter? Have you planned a fashion show? Like Jimmy Cameron's ... taking in all age groups right down to the infants, How about an Easter egg hunt? Or perhaps just a Disney festival for the young 'uns, It doesn't really matter WHAT you do guys ... but let's show some signs of life ... Let's DO SOMETHING ยป huh? Easter'1l soon be over,