Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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NAKED AMAZON I was talking to Morris Diamond of I.F.D. the other day, and he showed me some figures on advance engagements of their NAKED AMAZON ... an off-beat picture that's doing phenomenal business, Don't let the title fool you guys ... it refers to the river of that name, and not to a native strip-tease, The picture has been classified as "General" so you can really do a selling job on the kids in your town. Dates are’ being set up now for all situations where it is available to us, I.F.D. is prepared to share in extra advertising costs. Good material is available, Let's not dissipate the potentialities of this one, fellows, You can pick up a lot of extra bucks by just using your imagination, plus a sprinkling of good, old-fashioned elbow grease. Let's go after it, huh? eXeXoXeX, OPEN YOUR HEART This is the season of drives ... well, it seems that every season is top-heavy with appeals ... Community chest, hospital drives, your own Church drives, Salvation Army, etc. etc, All are worthy, and all are desperate for funds. Right now the accent is on RED CROSS .,. and they really do need funds to carry on their marvellous work, Just think back a little to the floods in Winnipeg and the West coast... and for you fellows in Ontario, it isn't too long ago that Hazel cut a vicious path through our midst ... RED CROSS was there ,., it's always there, Where there's danger ... where there's suffering, you'll always find Red Cross quietly and cheerfully at work, It deserves your support. Let's help them with their humanitarian work fellows .., Even if it's only a buck you can spare ..,. put it in an envelope and mail it to your local Red Cross headquarters. Today ... eh? oXeXeXoXe STUDENT CARDS This is a repeat, but for my money it's important enough to Warrant repetition, I know that nearly all of our theatres are now using Student Identification Cards .,. but I often wonder how many of them really do the job they had been designed to do. From their appearance ,... many of the cards in use weren't even designed ... they!re there just because somebody said that it was something that had to be done .., and they look like it, We talked about a photographic reproduction, with the student!s photo inset. The cry went up that it was impractical, and besides, too costly, The boys on the West coast have been doing it for years ... and recently, Al Hartshorn made a’deal with a Toronto photographer to come in and do the job for him. The result is one of the finest identification cards I have ever seen, Didn't cost Al a cent .,.. the students were happy to pay the small cost involved, J have samples if you're interested ... and if you want the det-ils ... drop Al a note at the Regent in Oshawa,