Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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AN EDITORIAL A good relationship between you and your newspaper publisher cannot be assessed in terms of dollars. If he likes you, and respects you... and you don't try to push him too far, het1l bend over backwards to give you what you want. If however he just has no reason to like you, and has no interest in your problems ,.. he can be a brick wall. Some time ago the C.D.N.P.A. (Hope you know what the initials stand for ...)' sent a bulletin to all their members suggesting that they re-run an editorial which appeared in the Winnipeg Tribune, having to do with Movies and T.V. Some papers picked it up ... others ignored it. There must be a reason, Al Hartshorn was talking to the publisher of the Oshawa Times-Gazette one day, and was shown a copy of the editorial in question, They mulled it over ... added a few refinements, and it appeared in the following day's paper, Tom Wilson likes Al, and that's why the editorial was run, It's a good one, and I think you should study it ... and talk to YOUR publisher about it. Here tibeS) iter. THEATRES AS COMMUNITY ASSET "Oshawa is well served in the field of entertainment by the Motion picture theatres of this community. They have been quick to bring to their patrons all the latest developments in motion picture techniques, such as the wide screen, CinemaScope, stereophonic sound and all the modern improvements which make a visit to the movies a thrilling and pleasurable experience, There is just no basis of comparison between the majesty of productions’ on the motion picture screen and the miniature, sometimes out-dated presentations seen on television, And the managements of our local theatres are always eager to present the best and latest films to their patrons.! "But to Oshawa our motion picture theatres are more than just places where good entertainment can be enjoyed. They are in many other ways an asset to this community. Although few people regard them in that light, they are among our important places’ of business, In property and business taxes, they make their sub-=stantial contribution to the city treasury. They are also employers of labor, In the aggregate, the motion picture theatres of Oshawa give regular employment to a sizeable number of people operators, cashiers, ticket-takers, ushers and others who look to them for a livelihood. These facts justify the statement that the motion picture theatres are a community asset of some stature." tAnd above and beyond all that, they are geared to provide film entertainment on a scale that cannot be attained by any other medium of this type of entertainment," This is a good editorial, fellows ... and don't forget, an awful lot of people believe what they read in the editorial columns of their daily papers. If the editor of your daily hasn't seen it, why don't you re-type it and show it to him, Tell him that it has been run in important papers right across our country. If he likes you ... SEND ME A TEAR SHEET.