Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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AUTOMATIC DRINK VENDORS A cup vending machine in your lobby or foyer can be a source of considerable income ... or it can be a liability. I have seen both types. Recently I was in a theatre ... PICNIC was on the screen ... Customers were hanging from the rafters ... It was a little after seven in the P.M. There were two automatic cupvending machines, one at either end of the foyer, This theatre is not equipped to sell Orange Crush or Pepsi on the counter, so the customers HAD to sate their thirst at the machines, I walked over to one machine .., It was a three flavour dispenser, but I couldn't buy a drink. Signs scribbled in pencil on dirty little pieces of paper proclaimed that 1. Out of Coke. 2. Out of Orange. 3. Out of Lime, I walked over to the other machine and ran into luck ... It was only out of two flavours, and I was able to buy a Lime drink. Now I wasn't the only one searching for a drink, I counted at least a hundred in the space of a few minutes who came, looked and walked away disgusted, It'll take some wooing to get them to come back. The manager's explanation? He had called the supplier earlier in the evening ... so, his part of the contract had been fulfilled, Ever hear anything sillier? He passed up at least fifty bucks of profit .., because he didn:tt have the sense to follow up, and keep following up until he got results. Remember fellows ... the operator of the machine in your locality is responsible for keeping the machine CLEAN and FULL at all times. But ,.. YOU are responsible for seeing to it that he does just that. It's YOUR profit he is dissipating by failing to live up to his contract, Watch him ... Watch your machines, and make sure that your customers are getting proper service, ALL THE TIME, p28 oe SO2S 0286 THOSE DUDS AGAIN I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who ever takes the trouble to read what I write, Or ... maybe what appears in these pages doesn't apply to YOUR theatre. Well, I'll try again. Last night I visited two theatres ,,. both good houses, with comparatively new, and very expensive marquees, On one I counted nearly thirty dark bulbs ... the other was a little better, only about a dozen duds. They didn't all blow at once .., must have been dark for some time. When's the last time you took a good look at your front, fella? I mean a good LOOK, Why not turn on your marquee and sign lights RIGHT NOW .,, take a quick count of all the'duds, and make sure that they are replaced before the day is over, For my dough there is nothing more unsightly than a lot of dark holes breaking the continuity of your border runners or flashers, Let's clean this up TODAY, huh?