Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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ANYTHING GOES I see copy of a letter sent out by Bert Brown to all early playdates on this attraction, in regard to a deal he has consummated with the Lustre-Creme Shampoo people. This is a national tie-up involving newspaper space, counter displays etc, and nothing is left to the imagination. Bert goes to a lot of trouble to make everything painstakingly clear, so let's not have any slip-ups, eh fellows? Study your letter and then simply follow the few detailed instructions. Not too much to ask, is it? When you are through with the material please return it to your nearest Paramount exchange, so that we can pass it along to some of our smaller situations which will be playing this picture some time after you are through with it. Let's co-operate for the benefit of our circuit, huh? oXeXeXeXe BOOK TICKETS I have a note from Dick Geering advising that we now have a book containing 4 $1.00 tickets, to sell at $3.75 per book, This is to supplement the book which contains 3 tickets at $2.75. Theatres with a $1.00 admission price policy have already been directly advised ... but this is worthy of note for those theatres which make the occasional sale of books of $1.00 unit denomination, These new books can be obtained from our ticket departments in Vancouver, Winnipeg or Toronto. oXepXeXeoXe AFTER CLOSING TICKETS Some managers still, for some reason or other, don't like to use our special after-close tickets, This subject has been discussed at every one of our regional meetings for as many years as I can remember, and it was decided at our last one that the use of these tickets be mandatory ... and not up to each individual manager on a voluntary basis. Do you thoroughly understand the purpose for which our after-close tickets had been designed? Do you know how to use them, and how to report the sales? You certainly should by this time. Several cases of misuse have come to the attention of our audit department in recent weeks, and as a consequence a special letter of advice and instruction went out to all managers, over Dick Geering's signature under date of March 2nd. Have you received yours? Have you read it? No, I'm not trying to be funny ... You'd be surprised at the number of men who read a communication and then couldn!t tell you what was in it, It's a lot easier to do things the right way fellows, honest. Let!s start with the proper use of our special afterclose tickets ... The rest will follow,