Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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HOW'RE YOUR SEATS? How often have we said that today we are not only competing with all the new mediums of entertainment which have opened up during the past few years ... but also with your customers! living room comfort? Remember? The trade journals are full of it. Your responsibility doesn't end when you sell a patron a ticket. That!s just the beginning. That's when you have to begin competing with his ... or her living room, The first point of contact ... even before the picture hits the screen ... is the seat you make available to him, Make sure that your seats are always in good repair ... Sure ... we get the odd delinquent in on a Saturday matinee who delights in carving up the leatherette, Can't always catch him, but that's no reasonwhy someone else should suffer. Do YOU check the seats in your theatre every morning? Yes ... I said EVERY morning. And, do you do ar *thing about repairing or replacing damaged seats? I don't mean this to be the signal for a mass . shipment of hundreds of seats to your nearest upholsterer, You have a caretaker or porter in your theatre who can do the job. By doing one or two a day he can keep up with them, and not have to neglect his regular duties. Watch your seats fellows ... that's the first point of patron comfort ... and can make or kill an enjoyable show for your customers, oXeKeXoXe eee a In the last issue of cur BALLYHOO, I made mention of using glassine to cover your date strips on the display frames in your theatre. I have a note from Murray Sweigman of Theatre Posters, with sample of plastic daters which are now available at a nominal cost. "They last forever" sez Murr2y. I don't know about that ... but it may be worth investigating. eX eXsXoXo SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS Tommy Callendar has asked me to remind you to exercise a little more care in the handling of your advertising accounts on such attractions as we have distrioutor "assists" on. First of all ... it is absolutely essential that you obtain duplicate invoices ccvering your total expenditures, Then prepare a brief break-down of your expenses, listing in detail newspaper, radio and miscellaneous. Include newspaper tear-sheets in support of your claim. The final step ... Hark all this material to Tom Callendar's attention, and enclose in the same weekly envelope that you send your REPORTS ir. Don't *ocs it in with your weekly supply of tear sheets, which ge second class mail and don't reach Tommy for days on end, Got it? Good,