Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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AT GRIPS WITH GEERING The guy's name is Lawrence ..., so, everybody calls him Dick ... Makes sense, If you want a chuckle, ask Dick to tell you sometime how he became "Dick." You'll enjoy the story. I asked our genial auditor for a few lines for this issue ... s0, pages and pages of copy landed on my desk ,.. I wonder who!s kidding who, or is it whom? But ... it's good stuff, and L.G, even makes a couple of funnies, stafact .., Well, let's get on with it. "Well Ballyhooers ... here I am back on the old job again, Dan told you that I was in the hospital undergoing repairs ... yes, I had a 'Tic" removed ... No! No! I was not deloused ... just had a couple of degenerated facial nerves which were driving me nuts with the pain, removed. The pains have gone, but I think I will suggest to the Medical Association that all future surgical operations be documented on film, so that the subject will be able to see what killed the patient, Anyhoo ... I'm still here," "A word about our Quarter Century Club ... which will add nineteen names to the roster this year, This brings our total of employees with twenty five years or more of service with F.P, to 440 ... quite an impressive number. 38 have passed on over the years ... 402 are still active members, Just imagine, guys these 402 employees have between them a total of more than and get this 10,050 years of continuous service with Famous Players, Quite a record I'd say. This year we will welcome the following to this most exclusive club in the world ..." Wm. A. Bezanson Capitol Halifax Geo, E. Blackshaw ~ Paramount Peterboro A. E. Brown Head Office Toronto Gordon E, Carson Fort Fort William George F. Cox Dreamland Edmonton David A, Crowe Eglinton —Toronto Mrs. Stella Fluhrer = Gentury =~ Toronto Louis J. Gauthier Cartier Hull Arthur D. Grover Parliament Toronto Percy J.Gwynne Paramount Edmonton H. A. Hodgkinson Paramount Edmonton F, S. Jackson Bloor Toronto C. J. Jeffrey Capitol Sudbury Frank Macauley Regent Ottawa James P, McDonough Capitol Halifax Wm. E. O'Loghlin Capitol Montreal Andrew Ostrander Uptown Winnipeg Lloyd Palmer Colonial Port Arthur Charles Wilson Strand Edmonton Official induction ceremonies will be held during the year, and all inductees will be advised in good time. Methinks it's a great honour to be listed on the roster, among those loyal men and women of our 25 year Club ... some of whom have been employed in the company's service since its beginning in January, 1920. "To err is human ,.. and should we have inadvertently left out an employee eligible for membership this year ... our apology ... and PLEASE ... get in touch with me at once, stating all the pertinent facts,"