Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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GEERING (cont'd. "Communication of Ideas ..," Profiting by others! experience does indeed pay off. I gathered in $3,000.00 in cool cash for the company recently, acting on this basis... and from our government, no less ~ and what is more, a continuing saving of about $1,500.00 annually for the future." "Here is the story ... Ray Tubman gave me the idea that a new approach concerning the matter of Federal Sales Tax on our theatre lobby advertising would be worthwhile, and, instead of 'Letting George do it,! I went along with it even though it meant considerable researchand a good deal of time in correspondence, It paid off handsomely, as mentioned above. So fellows ... communicate your ideas, One never knows when it will pay off." "By the way ... while in the hospital Doc Sawbones discovered that one of his patients had weak knees .,. so he recommended a journey to Alabama where the Negroes ,.. Mau, Mau $} O.K, you asked for it ... Later the same Doc found the same complaint afflicted his patient's children ... so he ordered them to the butcher's for some kid-knees !!! (Editor's note ... Yipe !)" "That $69,000.00 question referred to in the last issue of our BALLYBHOO reminds me of other things that could be better controlled ... How about your premiums, silverware, glassware, dishes etc. etc, They represent a lot of invested wealth too ... Keep it under control, Order only what is necessary. Be conscien-= tious in preparing inventories and statements of distribution so that your theatre will not be burdened with an excessive adjustment charge to balance the books when distribution is completed," Re. T.C.L.'s United Nations Flags! bulletin suggestion letters section To deter any effort designed to promote the sale of confections is definitely not my intention, but be sure and sharpen up the 'Pencil of economics! before giving away our Books ef Theatre Tickets as prizes for candy purchases, Any proposal affecting your theatre's boxoffice take should be submitted in detail to Jack Fitzgibbons and your District Manager for their review and approval." "The question arose recently whether two Famous Players book tickets which equal the theatre's prevailing admission price should be accepted by the doorman without sending the patron back to the boxoffice for a regular full-price ticket. I don't see why not. I doubt if it would happen very often, but if I were a theatre manager I would accept at the door two 50ยข book tickets for a $1.00 admission. Makes sense, If the two ticket stubs are stapled together and reported at the top admission price and breakdown on your B.0O, statement, we will accept them. Let's make it easy for our customers to get into our theatres, huh?" "T can fill several more pages ... but I think I!'11 save some for future issues .., if DEK will repeat his invitation after this effort. In the meantime ..,. remember fellows ... your audit department is here to serve YOU. Economy too is a basic part of BALLYHOO ... so, let's all of us KEEP BALLYHOOIN!, huh? Thanks for listenin!" L. G '!Dick! Geering