Ballyhoo (Mar 23, 1956)

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ON THE BEAM JOHNNY TOMLIN of the Noranda in the town of the same name isn't adverse to picking up a few extra bucks for his theatre. Johnny heard that the local music society was looking for a spot to put on a one hour show ... contacted them and wound up with a deal, He let them use his theatre from 5 to 6 one evening, for a rental of $35.00. Found money sez John ... and I agree, RALPH MITCHELTREE who hangs his hat in the Capitol out Calgary way boosted his confection sales during the Lenten season ... by just using his head. Ralph arranged with the local Planter's man to decorate his confection bar, featuring nut products ... at no cost to the theatre, and reports that the results were more than gratifying, as invariably people who give up sweets for Lent will eat nuts as a substitute. All you gotta do is think, fellows .,. Just exercise that old noggin of yours once in a while, JACK BRIDGES, skipper of the Victory in Timmins reports that he has succeeded in selling the second largest mine in that area the McIntyre-Porcupine mine on the use of theatre tickets in their safety award deal, The idea is that the management awards these tickets to workers for so many hours, or days of accidentfree work. It goes over big. As a starter, the mine purchased 100 books of 80ยข tickets, and Jack has already placed an order with our ticket department for 1,000 hard tickets to be used for this purpose. Jack also has the Paymaster mine on the hook, and they're to let him know within a few days what their initial order will be. It's all found money fellows ... and it doesn't have to be a mine. Go after the bigger industries in your town ... stores, merchants, filling stations, everybody. You can work out a deal to fit in with their requirements. If You're not quite sure how to go about it ... a note to Dick Geering will set you on the right track, FRED TICKELL of the Monarch in Medicine Hat is surprised that we make such a fuss over some of the boys who have shown us how to cut down on their carbon costs, Just to make sure of his facts, Fred took a trip to his projection booth and checked with his boys. Seems that for over four Weems now they've been burning their carbons down to between 14 and 12 inches ... and think nothing of i%. How do they do it? It's ane simple, They use copper couplings which are available from General Theatre Supply at about a nickle each, and can be used over and over dozens of times; The rest of the procedure is exactly as had been explained in these pages several times in the past. Do YOU save money on carbons? You should. you know ... and it's very, ver-r-r-y simple. All you need is the will to try it.