Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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VOL. 1 NO. 6 w % * = FANGS PLAYERS m1 Z F zt SELL AND PROF\ Va with APRIL 20, 1956 INVENIEMUS VIAM AUT FACIEMUS On entering the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, one must pass through a very imposing, wrought iron set of gates, the university's memorial gate, surmounted by the inscription which so intrigued me that I felt compelled to use it as our heading for this week!s front page message. To the uninitiated it is nothing but a mumbo-jumbo of meaningless hieroglyphics dreamed up by some obscure scholar to further confuse the already confused flock of new freshmen who make their initial appearance in the Fall of each year. As they pursue their educational careers, year after year the words take . On new meaning, become engraved on their minds, and pass into the realm of sentiment and tradition, Inveniemus Viam Aut Faciemus WE SHALL FIND A WAY OR WE SHALL MAKE ONE. The full impact of this message can only be felt if one has a genuine desire to avoid the pitfalls of voluntary stagnation, To train his sights on the distant horizon ... to keep groping and searching ... to carve for himself, with his own two hands and the brains he was born with the kind of a future he had visualized and dreamed about in the years long gone by when he first planted one foot firmly on the ladder of endeavour, and began his long, oftimes tortuous climb to accomplishment and success, We who are in this business of catering to public tastes, and entirely dependent on public approbation of our efforts for our livelihood and business success, MUST find a way ... or failing that, we MUST MAKE A WAY to assure the perpetuity of our business, and our own future as-a very personal part of that business, We must seek ,.. we must search ,,. we must continually exert every effort to that end. We must never allow ourselves to stand still, for that is simply the beginning of an unhappy ending. INVENIEMUS VIAM AUT FACIEMUS WE SHALL FIND A WAY OR WE SHALL MAKE ONE. Let us adopt that slogan as our battle cry ... We can do worse than be guided by the wisdom of that philosophy. D.E.K. FAMOUS PLAYERS CANADIAN CORPORATION ae 1200 ROYAL BANK BLDG., TORONTO COMPILED AND EDITED BY "A DAN KRENDEL SHOWMANSHIP;