Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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YOUR ANNUAL REPORT Last week you received a copy of Famous Players! 36th Annual Report. You should read it carefully, and just as carefully digest every word you read, and the meaning behind the words. Whether you do or do not own shares in your company, this is indeed YOUR. report. It is a report in fact of YOUR contribution to the good and welfare of your company during the past year, and a forecast of what may lie in store for YOU in the future. Mr. Fitzgibbons in his address to the shareholders makes no bones about what has been happening to our business, He freely admits that a lesser number of good box office hits plus the expansion of T.V. facilities across our country have combined to cause a drop in our theatre revenues during 1955. But, it is an exhilerating and optimistic report too ,.. and should certainly serve to stimulate the interest of shareholders and employees alike, and create new confidence in our company and the great industry of which we are an important part. Read carefully the report on our financial position ... Read the up-to-date resume of the product situation ... If you haven't already read it in the trade press, read what Barney Balaban had to say at a recent conference, It all spells OPTIMISM, and optimism at this time means a better and brighter future for all of us who are members of the Famous Family. Turn ts the back of the folder and take a glance at some of the pictures you will be playing ... TEN COMMANDMENTS ... WAR AND PEAGE ... MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS ... SERENADE ... THE CONQUEROR, and others too numerous to mention, Hollywood is certainly coming through for us ... the rest is up to each one of us as individuals. If we start spreading enthusiasm ... and we must get the feel of it ourselves first ... If we do our job as though we really meant it, and enjoyed doing it ... If we approach such problems as may crop up from time to time with honesty and sincerity of purpose, then I dare say all of us will be around, and happy for a long long time to come, So ... read your report again fellows, and if you really follow the words you'll see bright rays of sunshine dispelling the gloom of those dark clouds, many of which, consciously or unconsciously we ourselves helped to create. okoKenore THERE'S ROOM FOR BOTE Business during the past month or so has been good ,., and quoting Mr, Fitzgibbons ... "This is a clear indication that there definitely is plenty of room in the field of entertainment for both television and motion pictures, While each in its own way serves a desire for entertainment, nevertheless no medium can be quite as satisfying as that of the motion picture screen in a well conducted theatre, where people are not only free from the many distractions encountered in their own homes, but they are in comfortable, safe surroundings where they can relax completely and forget their momentary troubles,"