Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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IN THE TRADE PRESS Glad to note that at least a handful of our lads made the pages of a couple of our trade mags this past week, A listing of the Quigley Awards contenders in M.P, HERALD under date of April 7, lists the following eligibles ... Jerry Duggan ... George Forhan ... Mel Jolley ... Les Mitchell and Fred Varlow. Not a very imposing list, but I guess they were the ones who sent their material on to New York, In SHOWMEN'S TRADE REVIEW, also dated April 7th, there appears an Honor Roll, listing those managers who really did a job in selling their product. I see listed the following ... Olga Frenette ... Art Cauley ... Claude Smith ... Eddie Dulke, Jerry Duggan ... Mel Jolley and Jimmy Cameron. There are no prizes for these listings ... but they do tell the rest of the world that we!tre in there pitching. Come on guys ... let's really flood the pages of these magazines with names of our Top Canadian showmen ... and in my book .,, it CAN mean YOU. How about it, eh? oXeXeXeoXe LES PRESTON RESIGNS Bill Trudell advises us that Les Preston, manager of the Capitol in St. Thomas for many years, has resigned to accept an appoint-~ ment with the Dominion Life Insurance company in the St. Thomas. district. Mrs. Zara Ellwood, former cashier at the theatre has been named manager pro tem. oXeXeoXeoXe WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR USED POPCORN? No ... I ain't kiddin'. Your cleaners must sweep up an awful lot of the stuff, and naturally ... into the ashcan it goes, Will Harper, out Kelowna way has found a good use for it. Will is a bird lover, and it hurts him to see the poor little devils foraging for a bite to eat during the heavy snows and sub zero weather in his neck of the woods ... So-o-o ... Will gathers up all the corn, and each A.M. tosses it out to his little feathered friends, He has been doing this for a long time now, and has exhorted all his fellow citizens to do likewise. I see a nice story in a local Weekly commending Will for his thoughtfulness ,.. Must be a nice felling, Will old boy ... and mighty good P.R. aXeXeXeXo HOW'S YOUR SHOW TODAY? I know I've said it before, but it's worth repeating. Do you ma ke a habit of sitting through your first showing of each new picture? It's the only way you!11 know what's on your screen ... and the only way you can give an honest answer to this old, old question. Try it.