Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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REPLACING AN EMPLOYEE Have you ever tried to determine ... on a statistical basis ... the cost of replacing an old employee? Try it sometime ... you may get somewhat of a shock, Even if it doesn't cost you any more salarywise, have you thought how much time you will have to spend training the newcomer until he or she reaches the stage of perfection which had been attained by their predecessor? Have you thought how many applicants you may have to go through and train before you find the right one? Have you seriously considered that it is entirely likely that several may try and reject the job after a few days, weeks or months? Have you studied the effect of such moves on the rest of the gang in your theatre? It's really’an interesting subject guys ... and worthy of some serious thought. It is particularly timely in view of the very unbalanced turnover in staffs during the past few years, I don't mean to imply that the high percentage of turnover is entirely within your control ... but I do know of instances where an old, and oftimes valued employee has left because of the manager's lack of interest and understanding. I also know how difficult it has been to find suitable replacements. Do yourself a favour, will you? Show a little interest in the members of your staff ... even to the point of personally pointing out shortcomings in their approach to the important subject of service. A pat on the back for a job well done helps too. A staff is no better, no worse tha, the manager whose behaviour it tries to emulate, Make your staff proud of you, as their boss ... and I'm sure you'll have no cause to be anything but proud of them. And ... you'll hang on to them longer too. oXeXaXeXe CONGRATULATIONS BARBARA Barbara Blakie, Al Troyer's Girl Friday is walking around with her head in the clouds these days. She has just become engaged to a personable young fellow ... Denis Erwin ... a former technical engineer with the Ontario Hydro, and presently a member of their head office staff in Toronto. Barb and Denis are a happy couple’these days ... and so are we in head office who know Barb Blakie. The very best wishes of everybody in this corner go to the future Mr, and Mrs. Denis Erwin. The wedding date ... September 29th. oXoXeXs.Xe Ke MORE CONGRATS Brother ... how the years fly. I have just been informed that our own Tommy Callendar and his charming frau Dorothy will be celebrating their Silver ‘nniversary, comes April 25th. Congratulations Tommy and Dorothy ... and may we all be around when the fiftieth rolls around.