Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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MORE FAMILY NEWS Well now... so our old pal Kevin ... Fitzgibbons that is, and his charming wife Kathleen are parents, and will soon know what it's like to try and get a baby-sitter when they want to kick up their heels some evening. The little newcomer, a young miss ... name of Kathleen Theresea, born on April 12th at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto. Congratulations Kevin and Kathleen ... and welcome to the youngster, We know that the years ahead will hold nothing but happiness for all of you. eXeXoXeoXe 40 YEARS MARRIED Just heard via the ever-busy grapevine that Fred Masters ... without whose help these bulletins could never get out as fast as they do ... and his wife Gladys will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on April 24th. Wow ... forty years. Congratulations folks. The Masters were married in Portsmouth England, and have two sons and five grandchildren of whom they are mighty proud. Hope we're around when you celebrate your fiftieth Fred, oX,-XsXeX. NOTE FROM T.C.L. I see copy of a memo which went out to all theatres a couple of days ago ... It's about a couple of new lines fellows ... don't just pass it off lightly and forget all about it. I heard of one guy who when asked what he was doing about promoting them, said 'T have enough trouble moving my present lines ... why bother with new items ...! Wonder if he'd say that if he was running his own business, The items I'm referring to are of course CHARMS ... and BONNY DOON GELLOS. On the Charms you knock off a 30% profit ... on the Bonny Doons, 40%. Think it's worthwhile pushing them? Take a good look at your over all operating figures once again guys ... Subtract your confections profit ... then see how happy you can get, Let!s not overlook a single item of profit, eh guys? Start pushing those Charms ... and especially the new BONNY DOONS right away. oXeXe-XeXo MAILING C STS In spite of all instructions to the contrary, some guys are still sending in scrap books, photos, tear sheets etc, by first class mail ... and in many instances only affix sufficient postage to take care of second class matter, Wetre getting a little fed up with having to pay your postage for you fellows ... Be a little more careful wi’l you? Make sure that second class matter goes SECOND CLASS ,.. and make sure that enough postage is affixed, huh?