Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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BETTER REFRESHMENT MERCHANDISING In our last issue of NATIONAL BALLYHOO I mentioned Bob Harvey of North Bay as being one of the winners of a merit award issued by M.P. HERALD. A few days later the magazine came in, and I see several other names, Of the four world-wide winners, we have two ... Bob Harvey, and Bill Wilson of the Paramount in Edmonton. I note also that six honorable mentions were listed ... and we copped three of those, The winners ... Al Easson of the Oakwood in Toronto ... Freeman Skinner of the Paramount in Halifax, and Martin White of our Parkdale in Toronto. 50% of all the awards ain't at all bad, guys ... and we're all tickled with the showing we made, I still wonder though, how many more winners we could have had, had every one of you taken the trouble to send in details of your merchandising ... What? oXeX.X.Xe AND TALKING ABOUT REFRESHMENTS ... Have you studied the figures sent you by T.C.L., headed THESE ARE YOUR FIGURES? The lads have gone to a lot of trouble to bring you up to date on your attendance ... gross sales ... commission, return per patron, and your overage or shortage for the period since they posed the all-important $69,770.00 question, What steps have you taken to make sure that in 1956 there will be no such wastage as reported during the previous year ...? Are you watching your corn ... your drink mixture? What I mean is, are you PERSONALLY watching them? Believe me, that's the only way you can correct that condition. Some of the figures released by T.C.L. are good, and do reflect a closer supervision of confection sales. Others ... well, let's say they aren!t so good. Gonna do anything about it? eX eke keke A FEW HINTS In the same bulletin, on another page headed THAR'S GOLD IN THEM SALES ... some good advice is handed out. Just in case you happened to miss that section, let's see what they have to say. l. Make sure YOU have the best sales attendants. 2. Be sure they have been PROPERLY TRAINED by you, not only to sell confections, but to suggest to your patrons to try those HIGH PROFIT ITEMS. 3. Be sure they READ the T.C.L. sales manual and bulletins, and utilize the sales promotions and give-aways. 4. Be sure they are NEAT COURTEOUS and ENTHUSIASTIC. And that my friends is your formula for bigger and better sales volume .,.. and the end of those ridiculous shortages, Do you make a habit of reading, and FOLLOWING THRU on their suggestions?