Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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SOME GOOD ADVICE I have copy of a memo sent to his managers by Mort Margolius, and it makes good sense. It has to do with the manager's weekly and quarterly analyses which you are required to forward to this office, and I know that at times you wonder why all this detailed paper work. Maybe Mort!s note can throw some light on the matter. "The onerous job of keeping up to date your Manager's Weekly and Quarterly analysis of operations is the most positive way we know of to keep your finger on the pulse of all the important elements of your business. As you watch the pattern unfold weekly and quarterly it is not difficult to catch any item that may be moving out of line." "Henry Marshall of the Capitol has just completed a lengthy quarrel with the Water Department, who maintained that their billings were correct. Henry knew from his records that something was wrong, and persisted in trying to trace down what he believed to be an obvious error. His persistence paid off to the tune of $261.00 savings, and served to readjust his water bill to its proper level for this season, which was $14.60." I can't think of any more concrete evidence than what Henry Marshall was able to accomplish, in support of the statements we require from you fellows at regular intervals. If you really watch your operation, and put the figures down on paper, you are bound to recognize discrepencies when they crop up. I sometimes wonder how many thousands of dollars go down the drain just because we are too busy (?) to take a good look at our accounts once in a while. Your weekly and quarterly reports are designed to help you stay right on top of your business, Take a little trouble with them, huh fellows? It makes it easier all around. oXe Xe XoXo DAILY NEWSPAPER ADS Well ... I'll try again. Obviously a couple of our boys either hadnit read earlier copies of our BALLYHOO ... or didn't pay too much attention to what they did read. Newspaper ads DO NOT represent any unusual effort on your part in the interest of special exploitation activities. I'm afraid I just cantt give you too much credit for snipping an ad out of the press book or your proof sheet and sticking it down on a piece of copy paper. We know that you use daily ads in your newspapers ... How good or how bad they are of course depends on the trouble you take in their preparation. However, once again for the record ... please do not send me your daily ads as evidence of your selling ... unless, that is, you happen to have come up with something just a little different or unusual, such as Jimmy Cameron's and Bill Trudell's personal approach to their SINCERELY YOURS selling. One guy sends me a scrap book full of his weekly newspaper ads each week ... and very little more. Sorry ... wrong number, Your tear sheets should go to the lads in the publicity department for checking.