Ballyhoo (Apr 20, 1956)

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INVESTIGATORS! REPORTS Here we go again ... I've just received a batch of reports, and thought I would pass along a few of the more common complaints, which can well be the same complaints your patrons have been, or still are voicing. Read them over carefully .., and decide for yourself whether or not they apply to YOUR operation. CONFECTION SALESGIRLS very uninterested, and unattentive to their jobs, Patrons have to practically beg, to get any kind of service. STARTING TIMES advertised in your boxoffice are not strictly adhered to, In one theatre the boxoffice advertised one time ... the newspaper ad another ... and the boxoffice actually opened half an hour ahead of the earliest starting time advertised, Must be very confusing to someone trying to purchase a ticket. USHERS standing at the head of their aisles ... flashing their lights in all directions, annoying seated patrons, and letting incoming customers find their own seats. REPORTING TICKETS that had been sold after the boxoffice closed on the following day's report, In some theatres this comes to from ten to twenty extra sales, Remember your after-close tickets fellows ... that!s exactly what they're for, CLOSING BOXOFFICEK long before the last feature had even had a chance to hit the screen. That's one good way to discourage theatre attendance, PERFORMANCE INTERRUPTIONS not being reported on the forms provided for that purpose, You're not doing yourself or your projectionist a favour, fellows, This ommission is bound to be caught sooner or later, Well ... any of the above apply to you? Think a little before you come out with a fast answer, It's just as easy ... in fact easier, to get a good report than a bad one, There's only one Cave wee LeU PS LONYOU, oXoXoXeXe SHARE YOUR BULLETIN I have a very nice note from Mr, Fitzgibbons in which he makes reference to the contents of a recent bulletin and suggests that what had been written is of sufficient importance and interest as to warrant making it available to every one of your employees ... We try to touch on every phase of your operation in these bulletins, and many of the items directly refer to various members of your personnel, When you are through with it, why not circulate it among your staff members? They may enjoy reading it, and the constant hammering may create a new awareness of the important part they play ... or can play ..., in the efficient operation of your theatre, Try it, huh?