NBC transmitter (Jan-Dec 1939)

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SEPTEMBER, 1939 9 Two of the doughty baseball players — Dave McNutt at bat, Harry Jacobs catching. Lillian Bain, Bob McAndrews, Sid Dorais, and Milton Samuel, should all have received some outstanding ones. They obtained handsome gifts from sponsors, theatres and office supply companies; and radios, lamps, opera passes, perfume, and similar surprises rained down on the winners of the athletic contests and holders of lucky door-prize tickets. Here’s the gang who went home bearing gifts because they excelled in sports — Cliff Engle, winner of the golf tournament; Buddy Sugg, captain of the winning soft-ball team; Charles Mickelson, horse-shoes winner; Eddie Firestone, Jr., swimming champ; Dave McNutt, badminton; Jessie Dorais, riding; Eddie King, darts; Betty Kinsey, croquet; Jimmy Matthews, ping pong; Norman Page, bridge; F. C. Bibbins, chess; and Phil Hanna, tennis. The play-room which Carl Wilkie, restaurateur, gave the Athletic Association as his donation to the cause, is always in use these days — ping pong enthusiasts getting ready for the next outing. who found that KPO-KGO engineers put in 2600 hours of work in the one month — and that August probably will excel it . . . KPO-KGO Manager Lloyd E. Yoder spent his vacation supervising painting, landscaping, and other improvements on his beautiful Belvedere home. He hopes to get more reward than Producer Ned Tollinger who gave his entire three-weeks’ holiday building a patio and performing other odd jobs around the house only to be greeted on the final day with a poem by his small son: Father ’S a bother. Comedienne Bobbe Deane was thrown by bucking horse, “Nebuchadnezzar.” KPO-KGO Quickies One of the prettiest KPO-KGO brides this year is Marion Hansen of the Plant Department, who becomes Mrs. Frank MacQuarrie September 15. She and her husband, a real estate man, will spend several weeks honeymooning in southern California . . . Karel Pierson, formerly of the staff here, was a welcome visitor for the month of August, acting as substitute for vacationing members of the Traffic Department before returning to Hollywood . . . Gladys Cronkhite came home from her vacation with two new sponsors and a pair of thorough bred hunters she and her husband acquired on their travels. The horsies are ensconced in handsome new stables built by their master’s own hands, and Gladys says the family is eating hamburger to keep the nags in hay . . . KPO and KGO originated 1272 programs in the month of July according to the records of Curtis Peck, en That old smoothie, Dick Bertrandias of Production, dancing with gmtei in cnaige, newest KPO-KGO singing star, Camilla Romo. Joe West and dainty Doris Mathiesen.