NBC transmitter (Jan-Dec 1939)

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SEPTEMBER, 1939 11 WCY SCHENECTADY News Editor Bill Meenam, usual correspondent for this pillar, had discarded his scissors and paste as this issue went to press and picked up fishing tackle and golf clubs for a vacation at Oswego Lake. At last report Bill had combined the two diversions, landing a sunfish while blasting out of a water hazard. And so this column handled by ESSO Reporters A1 Zink and Wilbur Morrison. (Adv.) AAA Vacation Notes: Program Director A. 0. Coggeshall back from Pine Point, Maine, where he refused to feed the fish again this year — just circling instead from the oP rockin’ chair to a shore dinner and back again, his diet suffering from same . . . ANNOUNCERS: Chet Vedder just back, Howard Tupper away, and Vic Campbell to leave shortly . . . ENGINEERS: Ray Strong back, A1 Knapp and Horton Mosher leaving . . . SALES: Betty King Donahue and husband returned from back-to-nature vacash on the islands of Lake George. Also to Lake George, A1 Taylor and family, of which more below. John Howe at his desk after fishing at Eagle Lake, and only member of staff with common variety of fish stories, his concerning large mouth bass and pike, but plenty of them! ...AUDITING: Chet Rudowski spending most of his vacash in bed with a cold after making extensive plans to enjoy himself at Bel Mar, New Jersey. Virgil Hasche and his family home from the Maine Coast. John Carnell away . . . LOCAL STATION MANAGEMENT: Kolin Hager taking one week during August for some serious golf as well as trips within a hundred-mile radius of the station, and the other week for a family expedition to the New York World’s Fair. Caroline Osan back from a week in the wilds of big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks. AAA Add Vacations: A1 Taylor (see above) borrowed an expensive outboard motor to use while at Lake George, and some of his “friends” attached it to the wrong boat. The motor ripped off and plunged to the bottom. A professional diver finally recovered what was left of it, and, according to the latest Tayloration, everything’s fine, but his vacation . . . Alex Mac Lenox Lohr, NBC president, was not the only executive to stand aside while a Boy Scout temporarily "took over’’ his duties. On Tuesday afternoon, August 22, forty Boy Scouts took over the Blue Network. They not only did desk work, but made commercial announcements, read news reports, and put on a show of their own. Donald, Sales Promotion, is resting up for the winter high pressuring at Marblehead, Mass. . . . Jim Connolly, day by day Central Files-on-parade, off parade for two weeks while in New York and Montreal . . . Martha Brooks, Market Basket conductress, has been vacationing for little bits during the summer at Lake Luzerne . . . Kay Anglesey, reception desk, on vacation as Veronica Layden returns. AAA When a lightning and thunderstorm relieved the drought situation in the WGY area, the entire distaff side of WGY congregated in the sound-proof studios to escape the pyrotechnical demonstration. Practically a sorority meeting! AAA WGY, going by the slogan, “The Most Invited Guest in the Great Northeast,” for most of the years since its inception in 1922, lately has found itself playing the role of “The Most Desired Host in the Great Northeast.” Since our new ultra-modern studios opened a year ago last July, Guest Relations reports that WGY has played host to enough people to fill a city larger than Schenectady, which has a population of about 95,000. That’s better than 200 a day in a city that has seen a complete new generation grow up since first WGY was heard on the air. NBC BOSTON by Charles ). Gilchrest With the aid of Boston’s Health Commissioner and the meteorologist in charge of the Boston office of the United Slates Weather Bureau, General Manager John A. Holman of WBZ and WBZA fixed a relative temperaturehumidity point at which school will be closed for his staff. Solicitous of his personnel, Mr. Holman decided to close up save for skeleton crews when temperature hits 90 degrees and relative humidity 35 percent. The gang was elated to have the fahrenheit figure drop from 95 to 90 and have been watching humidity closely ... so far unsuccessfully. AAA Boston’s observance of the 150th anniversary of the United States Lighthouse Service included special broadcasts over WBZ and WBZA as well as a display of actual lighthouse equipment and photos in the Hotel Bradford studios. AAA Summer Hobbies: Emcee-Announcer Fred Cole, sand skiing; Officer Manager Cy Young, boating; Promotion Manager George Harder, horseback riding; Announcer Jack Manning, raising chickens; Announcer Arch Macdonald, the New Hampshire mountains; Music Director Rakov, helping friends plan new homes — he holds an architect’s degree from Harvard; News Editor Bob Evans, the horse races and ball games; Baseball Reporter Fred Hoey, deep sea fishing; Sales Promoter Harry Goodwin, his beach house; Announcer Malcolm McCormack, smoking the world's strongest corn cob pipe; Home Economist Mildred Carlson, sailing; Traffic Manager Gordon Swan, super-imposing photographic heads of staff members on comic cartoons. AAA Announcer Colton (Chick) Morris and Control Room Supervisor Bob Duffield drove to Chicago with Control Engineer Lantz in his new Packard for their vacation. The night they returned to Boston the car burned up. Loss included garage, three sides of the Lantz home, his sister’s car, and all the clothing and equipment he'd been too tired to remove from the auto. AAA Engaged: Salesman Gordon (Babe) Norris to Katharine Schmidt of the Program Department. Announcer Fred Cole to Jeanne Bond, just back from California.