NBC transmitter (Jan-Dec 1939)

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SEPTEMBER, 1939 15 NBC HOLLYWOOD During his Northwest business trip, Hal Bock, Division Press head, experienced the thrill of acting as a one man fire department in one of the hotels at which he stayed. It all happened Avhen he left his room one morning and discovered a burning service tray wagon in the hall. Calling for help while beating out the flames, he soon had an audience and an hotel attendant with a fire extinguisher. However, the attendant refused to put the thing to work, claiming the acid would ruin the rugs. In disgust Bock finished the job with damp rags. Payoff came when Bock checked out and discovered the hotel had charged him a dollar a day more for his room than quoted. When Bock suggested he’d submit a ten dollar fire-fighting charge, the manager quickly adjusted the bill. Speaking of the trip itself, Bock is gunning for Tracy Moore, Sales, after Moore recommended a no-traffic, no cops, no-trucks route to Portland, which turned out also to be a no-service station, no-human being, no-road trail that was full of chuckholes, turns, corduroys, rocks, and rattlesnakes. Bock has inaugurated a campaign of window cards, direct mail, and innuendo against Moore as a highwaypicker, especially since Moore, when he went to Portland a week later, went via air. by Noel Corbett Walter Baker, manager of the NBC Softballers, manages to keep his team well supplied with opponents, and tough ones too. The Telco Cubs (Southern California Telephone Company), to whom they lost 9 to 8, are third in the AA league. Charlie Smith, General Service, pitched, and “Whitey” Reynolds caught. Curley Bradley of the NBC Ranch Boys knocked out a home run. AAA Because Director Arnold Maguire insisted on spending his vacation at his typewriter cleaning up writing stints, Assistant Program Director Marvin Young instructed the studio cop, Jim Cannon, to refuse the gagman admittance to the building when he appeared at the employes’ entrance. Later somebody spotted the director working in his office. “I came in the front door with a bunch of tourists,” explained Maguire. AAA Tour Guide George Volger has been doing such a swell job entertaining Hollywood Radio City visitors that he was chosen to describe the RCA Television Exhibit at the San Francisco Exposition. Volger will tell the workings of television to thousands daily for the duration of the Fair, after which he will return to NBC. AAA Quick Pix: Helen Murray, Sales Promotion, was recently made Secre tary of the L. A. Jr. Women’s Ad Club for coming year . . . Nell Cleary, Press, is feeling spry these days after her two recent illnesses . . . Helen Limke, Press, is staying in town on vacation. One reason is that she swims daily in her uncle’s private Bel-Air pool . . . Sidney Strotz vacationed here . . . Lew Frost divided his vacation between San Francisco Fair and Hollywood . . . Maryalice Moynihan, Auditing, vacationed with relatives in Seattle . . . The last two weeks in August Don Gilman spent in the Northwest ... For the first time in five deer seasons, Sidney Dixon missed bringing home a buck . . . Jane Burns vacationed at Laguna Beach. Memories of last year’s sunburn made her resolve not to do any swimming. However, one of those big breakers caught her off guard . . . Charlie Brown spent ten days vacationing at Catalina . . . Curtis Peck, engineer-in-charge, KPO-KGO, visited A. H. Saxton and Hollywood Radio City during August . . . Andy Love has a speaking date with the Pasadena PTA, April 10, 1940! . . . Bill Sabransky, Hollywood staff organist, vacations in his home town of Kenton, Ohio, sometime in October. During his stay Sabransky will give a dedicatory recital on the new organ of the Kenton Lutheran Church . . . Ask Marvin Young how to make barbecue pits and influence bricklayers. When Walter Bunker returned from his vacation he was greeted by an empty office. It happened tnat when Marvin Young vacationed, Bunker and John Swallow removed all the drawers in Young’s desk. Helping Bunker catch up with his correspondence is Janette White. Incidentally, Swallow vacations next. At the Samarkand Hotel in Santa Barbara, Photographer Art Carter snapped (left to right) Hal Bock, Western Division Press manager, Mrs. Pinney, Mrs. Bock, and Warren Pinney, manager of El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs.