Newton Lantern Slide Catalogue (1920)

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3, Fleet Street, Temple Bar, London, E.G. 239 NM THE TRANSVAAL AND THE WAR. . °f th?se, slid™ are from di™t photographs, the remainder are facsimiles !nri^»l0h-Sfmadev.byr^ar ^tisfcs on the field of battle, or are photographed from the known LPr°tUfe3 bym,CatTnn Woodville, Seppings Wright, Melton Prior, and other wellknown artists for The Illustrated London News,” “ The Sketch,” “ The Spear,” 4c. Beautifully Painted Views, 5s. each. \ „ Figure Subjects, 7s. 6 d. each. J ^lain Slides, Is. tacit. Lecture fob the First 131 Slides, 9 d. 8 Devons, Manohestera, and Gordons, charging the Dutch before the Naohtmaal le Farm, near Newcastle 's and Kraal • in ox-waggon, a bre ^9 Durban, The Point Landing Stage 12 Johannesburg, The Reef J? „ The Main Reef " >i The Hospital ^ The Market Place 16 Kimberley, View of the Railway 17 „ Market Square 18 „ Diamond Mine 19 „ De Beers’ Mine 90 n n Compound of 22 Barberton SearohiDg nigger lor diamonds 23 Natal Harbour 24 Port Elizabeth, Main Street 25 Pretoria, n ■ " — 26 Camping _ , „„„ ......... 27 Transvaal Stage Coaoh Johannesburg 28 Transvaal, Gpia diggings 29 Bronkhorst Spruit 30 President Kruger, Portrait from Raad Saal S „„ . ii „r., ii House, The Presidency 32 Major Wilson s Last Stand 33 Laing’s Nek, “ Floreat Etona” 84 „ „ Burial Ground 36 Majuba Hill, Summit 36 Majuba Graves 37 Elandsfontein Junction 38 Jameson’s Raid, The last stand 39 Sir George White, V.C., on horsebaok ft President^lruger at^ome°n ^orseback 42 B° trck^exammmgthe ii ewrifles U**SPan °n the 9°mmando leaving by train for the Front *£ Field Cornet delivering orders at a house Drakensburg Range 46 Col. Baden Powell leading his troops 47 Ladysmith, General View 48 Boer Commando on the march S kaing’s Nek, Charlestown tunnel and train 5° Map ^of thereat of War, Volksrus to Durban 61 Map of Seat of War— “ Daily Matt ” 52 Isandula (Battlefield) 53 Estcourt, general view K ®eneral sh W. Penn Symons 5 atPSofuthiS ^on111, General BuIler embarking 56 General PietJoubert 5 s”prjsing a, British provision train 58 Ladysmith Camp. Serving out rations to men _°f tlle Border Mounted Rifles 59 Pietermaritzburg, general view HussarCAdvaneeGiiard,rduiCovBdngrtJierenemyS 6 Came^t0Unted EifleS with their o™ detaoh63 Naval Brigade passing through Ladysmith « 3£°°PS T the way ‘0 Blandslaagte 65 ThlSa?°te °nS mar°h t0 thS BattlefleIa 01 Elands 67 p“b7lan0u T,agg0n.-on tha Wfty t0 Blandslaagte 67 Enemy s shell bursting near General White d Telephoning 69 Advance of Gordons at Elandslaa 70 Charge of 5th Lancers at Elandsli 71 C Squadron of the 5th Lancers an 72 Tapping the Telegraph wires an to Ladysmith 73 Charge of Cavalry at Bester’s Far 74 10th Hussars steaming out of board the “ Columbian,” Nov. { 75 “Three Cheers for the Queen." „„ „ inspecting Household Brigade at Windsor' 76 Rt. Hon. Cecil Rhodes 77 Sir Alfred Milner 78 Lt.-Gen. Lord Methuen, C.B., commanding tha 1st division in South Africa 79 Difficulties of transport, Field Battery fording river m flood 80 Battle of Blandslaagte, tending the wounded on 81 Bringing wounded back into Ladysmith 82 British soldiers taking cover on the Veldt 83 Melton Prior’s sketoh of the Battle of Ladysmith MtaSdfte“' ?0th> Sir G‘ Battle of Rietfontein, Boer shell bursting amongst firing line Boers with one thrust OB uoi. Baden Powell’” — — Cronje’s demand 89 The Leicester Regiment being shelled Majesty the Lancers Battle of Rietfontein, in i ry Corporal of 6th Lancers spearing ester Regiment be Is Ladysmith Ah despatches for Ladysmi -moured train from Ladysm lain leaving Ladysmith for Piei n Captain Scott’s of the white 91 A sortie w.„„ 92 The Hospital tr maritzburg 93 Firing the 4’7 gun n 94 Boer tactics— the'abc 95 Horse Artillery rush! 96 Imperial Light Horse during an 97 hiring on the Ambulance during the Battle of Lombard’s Kop 98 Charge of Gordon Highlanders at Elandslaagte " C°Boers Eallway Bridge, blown up by the 100 BI&P^e Eanway Bridge ov Colenso fiice Camp at Mafeking i the armoured train near Frere r the Tugela »f Lord 102 In th _ _ w UiQJ g.ur Troops returning 104 son?Nek Pn°r sketchinS under fire at Nichol 105 Modder River, showing i ,nft r,^SthU,e5’S7 en8a&ement iSv) Sj^S® of Belmont. Before the final assault 107 Shallow draught Gunboat 108 Portrait of Lord Roberts, V.C. _ » Lord Kitchener 110 D tance Railway showinS Tafelberg in the , 111 A meeting of the Committee of National fence 112 The Queen’s gift to her troops in S. Africa, at Mafeking, a good shot 3 Talana Hill e’s operal ittack , the a 116 A night a _ 117 Machine Gun detachment