Newton Lantern Slide Catalogue (1920)

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8, Fleet Street, Temple Bar, London, E.C. THE TRANSVAAL AND THE W ^-Continued. of Sir G. White 210 Natal Mounted Police Zululand 211 Belief of Ladysmith. 1 and Lord Dundonald 212 Lord Roberts and Admiral Harris watching 4-7 gun firing at maximum elevation 213 President Steyn addressing the Burghers 214 S. African Light Horse after a skirmish at Acton 215 Royal and 13th Hussars crossing the Tugela 216 S,hA.frioanP L'6ht Horse crossing the Tugela Spion Kop ,.i.“ T|ight Horae oroaaing a r and S. African Light H The 219 The Na _ the Queen " and General Cronje before hi )f H. M. 220 Farmt _ _ _ to Lord Roberts nS Jraction Engines with trucks fording a river 222 On the alert. A Cavalry picket searching a Spruit 223 Her Majesty listening to a despatch describing the elation of the troops at the services they had rendered to the Queen 224 Bomb shelter at Kimberley. Scene near Mr. Public^ s^linler"proof trench around the 225 Kim Drift on the morning of the relief of Kimberley. Gen. French sweeping aside the 226 Redoubt held by * M ’ Company during the Siege of Kimberley 227 General French's meeting with Mr. Cecil Rhodes at the Sanatorium Hotel, Kimberley, on the evening of the relief 228 The C.I.V.’s Baptism _ _ _ 290 . Jacobadal by Gen. W avell’s Brigade 229 A 6m, .Naval Gun showing how the upper part of the Naval mounting was fitted to an ex„„„ temporised travelling carriage 230 Boer Trench, showing the burrows in which the Boers took shelter 231 Retiring the Balloon during the action of Vaal „ Krantz 6 232 B<mr Sand Bag Fort that guarded “ I 233 “Long Cecil,” manufactured at De Be Works 284 Mr. Winston Churchill firing a colt gun ^ TGnarf8 at Kimberley occupied by the Ti 236 The Field Hospital. Wynberg Camp 231 Boers besieging Mafeking. The town in Capture of 251 Lord Roberts writing despatches in a transport 252 Household Cavalry watering their horses & 3 0Sden*trh°edstofonhiS Wif® t0, Gen’ Dou?las .. . «ie journey to the Modder River Station™8 Lancer and Free the Gov nment Building 255 The Union Jack „ Bloemfontein 256 TfontTalSh Regiment and their goat at Bloem 257 C LV Orderlies on duty at the Post Office, Bloemfontein 258 The Orange Free State Under Secretary of 259 Grenadiers malchhig to thf station on their way 260 Boberta^SSrS m The1 fl6ld U Battery R.H.A. at Koorn Spruit [heavy fire Roberts’ Horse at Sarnia’s rot, Vino Mafeking ;7 Colonel Baden-Powell’s shelter at Mafeking >8 Gen. Smith-Dorien in S. Africa, on the way to Bloemrontein 19 Officers of the Sherwood Foresters resting on their way to Bloemfontein iO H.M.S. “ Powerful " Brigade being reviewed by tt Elizabeth pi and the Tr, Britain, The resolution Gordon Sprigg 273 Major Rimington of Rimington’s Scou favourite Basuto pony ™ Major-G=™' *r— . the Qi i9 0 i'v l^OBoh’s^ Column pressing o _ i to Kimberley 5 prisoners taken by Lord 10 Attack 2» Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers with Bulier repel..^lmgtheattack 242 Cronje surrenders to Lord Roberts at Paarde 243 Meeting of Sir Redvers Bulier ai " " at the Relief of Ladysmit 245 Prise tperiai Light Horse St. Helena or Green yislting wounded soldiers at 246 H.M. the . 1 ■ , Herbert Hospital, Woolwioh 247 4-7 Naval gun, showing shelter trench in which fired°reW t0<* shelter when “Long Tom” 248 The instant before firing 4-7 naval gun at h«?y!1S?1 ’ shellinB “ Long Tom ’’ on farthest Ian at d80 yard8’ Pe“J'-°ffloeI Lee Pulli“g oS a‘ Intombi Camp, Ladysmith 50 H.M.S. Powerful ” passing Southsea Beach on her way to Portsmouth Harbour the Queen [fontein Club General French on the balcony of the BloernGeneral Pole-Carew with his A.D.C., Lieutenant Farquhar and Major de Courcy Hamilton „„„ . (Transport) [sharpshooter, in the trenches HZ f Mafeking Amazon. Mrs. Davies, tl 278 In the trenches at Mafeking 279 Major Lord Edward Cecil 280 Dr. Conan Doyle attending wounded C in the Langham Hospital the lady 281 On Outpost Duty [for burying the dead 283 Part of akpicquetng armistice (Feb‘ 25th’ 1900) 284 Broken Bridge at Colenso ll s£SSp€Seg"ardntS 288 Officers of the Queen’s. The pony in the back„„„ ground was wounded at Val Kranz 289 Native cowboy in old military coat 290 Filling up mule water-cart 291 Shelter from the sun by waterproof sheet 292 Filling water bottles [Kop in distance 29? From Clayoartspruit near Potgieter Drift. Spion 294 Field guns at rest 295 A shady corner near Camp 296 Major-General Bruoe Meade Hamilton 297 Indian Ambulance-bearers under fire — The 298 Leading the Artillery into action at Drietf ontein 299 Method of procuring water for troops on Veldt 300 The surrender of Kroonstadt. The march past Lord Roberts, the Guards leading [Drift 801 Lord Roberts’ Column crossing the Sand River 302 Natal Field Force. Field Hospital “Number Four’’ at Mooi River