Newton Lantern Slide Catalogue (1920)

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3, Fleet Street, Temple Bar, London, E.C. 243 EDUCATIONAL SERIES OF SLIDE S — Continued. DK THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF QUEEN VICTORIA, Beautifully Painted Figure Subjects, 8s. 6 d.; Views, 5s. ; Plain Photographs, ls. each. Descriptive Reading, is. 1 Introductory. Medallion Portrait 2 George III.’s Jubilee (allegorical) 3 Latest Portrait of George III. 4 Windsor Castle, General View 5 Princess Louise Victoria of Saxe-Coburg S ge^gtfon Palace in 1818 7 The Duke and Duchess of Kent 8 Room in wbioh the Queen was born iX Archbishop who baptised her 10 Woolbrook Glen , Sidmoutb. 11 The Duchess of Kent ana her Baby 12 Portrait of William Wilberforce 13 The Princess when two years old 14 George IV. and his Queen 15 The Princess w hen six years oia 16 Grave of the Dairyman’s daughter 17 Thft Prinnona 21 State Portrait of William IV. 22 Portrait of Queen Adel aide 23 Arohbishop Howley 24 The Princes! when fourteen years old 25 Kensington Palace (Present davl i>? Pfia°es3 when eighteen years oia 27 A Waterloo Banquet 23 Queen Victoria’s first Council 30 Portrait of Lord Melbourne 31 Courtyard of S. James’s Palaoe 32 Duke of Wellington on Horseback 33 Buckingham Pair— n 1837 34 First State Visit to the Lord Mayor 35 The Old Houses of Parliament 36 Westminster Abbey (exterior) 37 Coronation of the Queen 38 The Coronation Chair and Stone 39 The Queen receiving the Sacrament £ 13 A State Boom in Windsor Castle 44 Portrait of Sir Robert Peel 46 Portrait of Baron Stockmar 47 The Marriage of the Queen 48 Portraits of the Queen and Prince Consort 49 Attempt to Shoot the Queen 50 The Queen seated in State 51 S. George’s Chapel, Windsor (exterior) 52 Baotism of the Prince of Wales 53 Holyrood Palace and Arthur’s Seat 51 Portrait of Czar Nicholas I. 55 Osborne House, Isle of Wight 56 Full-length Portrait of Prince Albert 57 Balmoral Castle, Sootland 58 Queen visiting a Highland Cottage 69 Queenstown Harbour 60 Family of the Queen in 1850 SUPPLEMENTARY SLIDES 121 The Queen taking the Oath 124 The Queen Opening Parliament Heroes at Apsley House 127 ^aterloo Hero es at the United Service Club 7 Decession,tie85?Uke °™ington-FunerSl Pro 128 The Battle of Alma “ S’1*? N?w Houses of Parliament 62 Portrait of Lord Palmerston “ The Great Exhibition Building 64 Queen opening the Great Exhibit! fiR £?r‘ralt of Qoeen in 1851 m Oc, 'Bowl os TUB seoret of England’s Greatness 70 Departure of Troops for Crimea 71 The French Alliance 72 Tomb of Napoleon Buonaparte 73 Siege of Sebastopol 74 Proclaiming Peace at Charing Cross 75 Portrait of the Queen in 1856 76 Netley Hospital, Southampton 77 The Belief of Lucknow 78 S. James's Palace Gateway 79 Marriage of the Princess Royal 80 Duchess of Kent’s Mausoleum 81 Prince Albert in 1861 f? j®.a“soleum of Prince Consort 83 “Allured to Brighter Worlds and led the way ' g£Si foefmpSes^fetcSbria6e » the Beleians ™ S?e Chateau at Bernstorff on of the PHnce of Wales yu Portrait of the late Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate 91 Portrait of Princess of Wales 92 Windsor Castle (from Home Park) 93 Thanksgiving Day Procession, 1872 94 Portrait of Duke of Edinburgh *5 Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Park 96 The City of Florence nl £ortrait of John Brown 98 Canadian Pacific Railway Train inn 0ur Indian Dominions (Map) 100 Recent Portrait of Prince of Wales 101 Proclaiming the Queen as Empress of India 102 Portrait of Lord Beaconsfield 103 Our Australian Colonies (Map) 104 Funeral of Duke of Albany 5aa Whippingham Church, Isle of Wight 106 Jubilee Portrait of the Queen The People’s Palace, London, E. |Xa Queen’s Procession, Jubilee Day, 1887 J?a of Westminster Abbey }}? £.?bllee Service in the Abbey The Imperial Institute JJo Tbe Church of England Memorial 113 Queen’s Nurses’ Institute Offices 114 Prince and Princess of Wales, 1888 * 115 Sandrmgham House, Norfolk 116 Portrait of the Duke of York 117 The Duchess of York 118 Business Room, Balmoral Castle 119 Portrait of the Queen in 1896 Words of the National Anthem OF THE QUEEN’S REIGN. the Queen and the Prince of Wales 138 Funeral of the Prince Consort ISt Thanksgiving Day, Interior of St. Paul’s 135 The Queen and the Shah— Review in Windsor Great Park 136 Egyptian War— Charge of Guards at Kassassin