The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (April 1891)

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THE OPTICAL : MAGIC LANTERN —— JOURNAL —— PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. EDITED BY J. HAY TAYLOR Vol. 2.—No. 23. Fsecenteres fan. APRIL 1, 1891. Price One Penny. CONTENTS. PAGE. PAGE. Notes Beet he Node Dien see DD) Flame Extinguishers and Fantoccini Slides ... ... .. 100 Method of Testing we 102 Hand Cameras for Obtaining Flashes on Lantern ‘Topics ... 103 Slides for the Lantern— Ether Saturators ... ... ... 104 No. ll .. ow. «+ 100 On “ Pressure’s" Riddle and Pressure Gauges ... ... ... 101 Regulators in General... 104 Experience with Ethoxo Lime Fluid in Gas Cylinder ... ... 105 lvl Correspondence. —The Lan Light ... .. . a tern for Suffering Humanity Electric Incandescent Lamps for Optical Lanterns... ... 102 —The “ Ethoxo Light” ... 105 Hints on Enlarging +. 102 | Notes and Queries... + 106 Contents oF No, 22. ‘A Notes — Triple Lantern Condensers — The Lantern for Suffering Humanity—Hand Cameras for Obtaining Slides for the Lantern (No. 10)—Hints on Enlarging—How J Became a Lanternist (No. UIL.)—Experiences with the Ether Oxygen Light—Lanternslide Making —Comments—Editorial Table—Society Meetings— Correspondence (Fluid in Gas Cylinder — Griffiths’ Reducing Camera—A Mystery)—Notes and Queries. Notices. THE Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger is issued on the Ist of every month, price One Penny, and may be obtained from all Newsvendors, Railway News Stalls, Photographic Dealers, or from the Publishers, at the following rates, post free :— Continental, United States. 1/6... 2/ ... «2 60 cents. [kh we [2 we ee 6 Advertisements (Scale of Charges), displayed :— Pe 12 months... Single copies... p Front and back pages, by arrangement. Ordinary page, facing matter(whole) ... 3 i » an wee Chalfp I i ” sos «es (quarter)... 1 ‘i 5 ive +e (eighth) ... I per I inch in column ... ” ” ” 4 ” ” eee Special quotations for a series. WAOOND oo0000 xchange Column, General Wants, &c. (not Trade)— First 20 words, 6d.; and for every 3 additional words, rd. Advertisements must reach the office not later than the 24th of each month. All cheques and postal orders to be made payable to Taylor Brothers. Editorial communications must be addressed, The Editor ; advertisements and business Communications to Taylor Brothers, care of the Publishers, Dorset Works, Salisbury Square, Fleet Street, London, E.C. American Agents :—The International News Co., 83 and 85, Duane Street, New York City. Notes. Tue Princess of Wales (who by-the-by is a reader of the Optical Magic Lantern F¥ournal) intends decorating a tea service of sixty-three pieces with photographs taken ?in Scotland by Her Royal Highness. * 2 ® Scenes from the Life of the Rev. Fohn Wesley is the title of a new set of sixty slides, introduced by Messrs. York and Son. 2 e * WE have been réquested to announce that a new society, the Liverpool Camera Club, now hold its ordinary meetings in the rooms of the Liverpool College, Shaw-street, on the second Wednesday in each month, at eight p.m. Mr. W. Tansley’s (hon. sec.) address is 14, Wentworthstreet, Liverpool. * cod ® Tue Yorkshire College Photo Club will hold an exhibition of apparatus on 30th inst. * * * Some months ago we suggested the use of the lantern in photographic studios from an ultimate business point of view, and find that this idea has, in many cases, been taken up. We recently had the pleasure of attending an 4¢ Home given by Mrs. Gabell and Mrs. Fenton, of the firm of Gabell and Co., at. their photographic studios, 22, Ebury-street, S.\W. With music in the reception rooms, and the lantern in the onerating studio, a very pleasant evening was passed by those favoured with an invitation. We learn that a series of At Homes are to be given, * * a Tue Liverpool Exhibition (thanks to the energies of Messrs. Lange and Mayne) is a great success. As usual the lantern demonstration department iswell patronised. Two lectures are being given to large audiences each evening. The manipulation of the lanterns is in the hands of the well-known firm, Messrs. Archer and Sons, which is equivalent to saying that everything is carried out with , great perfection.