The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1891)

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LENSES—R. & J. BECK, 68, Cornhill, London. THE OPTICAL SMAGIG LANTERN, O < — JOURNAL —— D O ” AND PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. : A Magazine of Popular Science for the Lecture-room and | _ Edited by J. HAY TAYLOR, the Domestic Circle. sutonent Hat. QO. op) Vol. 2—No. 27. AUGUST 1, 1891. Price One Penny. Z O PERKEN, SON & RAYMENT, ° “*{cscoc**°™ “ OPTIMUS,” |QC MANUFACTURE PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ‘OPTIMUS’ UBIQUE GAMERA. |‘Optimus’ Enlarging Apparatus| _ PHOTOGRAPHIC OUTFITS. Superior long Po pee aes » Dark Slides Pictures 44 by 3} inches. PATENT Rapid Rectilin Ten nsta eous Sbutte May be used on Tripod or in hand. Quick. ACTING fnAack ADJUSTMENT, IPod and Waterproof Case complete Thi peas comprises superior Mahogany f wr Price with Body ae nte eae one | bellows Camera. The Rapid View , Lanteri is ited wien po obi ie ney Ize nt La amp, ens. with 3 wicks, giving br illia nation. Com£2 15s, | pound Condensers, Condenser. If with Russian Iron Body. . Ss. a. : : 5 in., no front lens Si 750 Aes rapid | 5 in., with ,, 102 6 ectilinear| |. > £4 Gin., no S7 6; yi 115 3 "1100 For Plates 44 by 3}, £4 4s. THIRDsEDITION, foe 182 | Bee laica sd byt £9 1004 0p by 4h OA, ag a" ; ‘ |" iia.«ng 7 in., no = 7 in., wi “i is ; . READ Beginners’ Guide 6d. ee or hee 20 9 6d. ‘The Magic reate™P EAD) C) aoe tote a 885.0 its Construction eames Pine Eherdiee to 50 0, and Use.’ a The ein RAPIDITY of EDWARDS’ LANTE MAKES THEM SPECIALLY USEFUL FOR DETECTIVE CAMERA AND ALL INSTANTANEOUS WORK, MAWSON & SWAN, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, and 33, SOHO SQUARE, LONDON, w. USE tHe “KODAK” cor LANTERN NEGATIVES.