The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1891)

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134 The Optioal Magio Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. wire leading to the kites and connected with an electric battery worked on the ground. = » > Tue Polish Professor, Dr. Olszewski, gave a lecture a few weeks ago before the sixth congress of Polish naturalists, at Cracow, on a new method of liquefying oxygen. He produced surprise by making 200 grammes of liquid oxygen before his audience. * R EvrerYTHING at the Bath Photographic Convention was a success except the lantern entertainment on the opening evening. The woodwork of the instrument ended in flames. 102 Inside a Regulator. No. 3. Tue “RevraBce.’—This regulator which has been patented by Mr. Suiter, is perhaps, the latest form which has been introduced to the public. It is small in size, and has few working parts. The valve for controlling the flow of gas from the bottle opens inwards (see cut), and is fastened direct on to a diaphragm which is simply a thin disc of metal. The regulator is connected to thebottle by the cone A, whichis made of steel that it isnot liable to get indented, and sO Cause an imperfect joint. Various shaped connecting regulator may be attached to any particular make of bottle. The controlling action is as follows: When gas under pressure is admitted at A, it passes the valve B, which in its normal state stands open, to the underside of the metal disc or diaphragm C. The outlet D being closed by rubber tubing and stop-cock, the internal pressure causes C to bulge upwards, this causes the valve Bto close and become firmly seated, thus preventing the ingress of more gas from the bottle until such time as a portion is drawn off at the outlet D, when the pressure falling, the diaphragm springs back, and the valve burnished, so | Pieces are made ; interchange-. able, so that the | B opens, thus allowing more gas to pass. In this manner the action is continued until the supply of gas is exhausted. Uns wed] The pressure of the gas given off is regulated by adjusting the distance of the valve from its seat by the clamping nuts EE, on either side of the diaphragm, so that the disc has to spring more or less before closing the valve. As we had not seen one of these regulators in action, we submitted it to the following tests: It was coupled to a bottle containing house gas under pressure, and the outlet connected to a branch furnished with three ordinary household burners. The gas was lighted at the one burner, and little or no difference was made when the taps at the other burners were suddenly turned off andon. This was continued at intervals until the bottle was about empty, and still little or no difference was made in the flame. Hand-Cameras for Obtaining Slides for the Lantern. “ Facile’... ... (Fallowfield)... .. ... see March Ist, 1890. No.1 “Giah"” ... ... (Mawson & Swan)... ... 5, May Ist, ,, » 2 "Quadrant"... (W.H. Humphries & Co.) ,, June Ist, ,, 1, 3 ' Eclipse (J. F. Shew & Cou)... 5 5, July Ist, 4, 1 & “ Eureka” . (WLW. Rouch & Co)... 4, Aug. Ist, ,, » 3 “Key” . (Platinotype Co.) ... .. 5, Sept. Ist, ,, », 6 “Optimus” .., (Perken, Son & Rayment) ,, Oct. Ist, ,, » 7 The Griffin” — (Griffia & Sons, Limited) ,, Nov. Ist, ,, » S The Swinden-Earp" Patent = aaa gp DOCe Ist, 5 » 9 Collins” (C. G. Collins) «4, Feb. Ist, 1891. » 10 “ Kodak” .. (Eastman Co.) ... 9, Mar, Ist, ,, » 1) “ Guinea” . (Walter Griffith) ... we jy April Ist... |; » 12 “Vanneck" .... (Watson & Sons).. we oy May Ist, ,, 3 13 ‘Chadwicks " (W. [. Chadwick) wo yy June lst, ,, yy bt Bonanza” (R. & A.J. Mercer) .. 4, July Ist, ,, No. 15.—“ REPEATER.” Mr. Cuswortu, of Hainault Road, Leytonstone, has, in perfecting his ‘‘ Repeater” Hand-Camera, worked out a very efficient action for changing the plates, whilst the same ‘motion causes the shutter to become set. The plates (twelve) are secured to their wooden