The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1891)

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The Optioal Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. i. Prize Medals, Liverpool International Exhibition, 1886. Photographic Exhibition, 1SSS. ARCHER'S NEW OPTICAL LANTERNS. Proved superior to all others. See reports. ARCHER & SONS, LANTERN SPECIALISTS, Lists free One stamp. Many Novelties. 43 to 49, Lord Street, Liverpool. Established 1843. Effect Slides painted for the Wholesale London Houses. All kinds of Slides made to Order. Dissolying View Magic Lanterns and Slides. Photographic Apparatus, Scientific Instruments and every description of miscellaneous property. R. J. C. STEVENS begs to announce that he holds Sales of the above, every Friday, at half-past twelve precisely, at his great Rooms, 88, King Street, Covent Garden, London, Gentlemen wishing to include property in these Sales, are requested to send particulars one week prior to Sale. YORK’S OPTICAL LANTERN SLIDES (ELEVEN PRIZE MEDALS) May be obtained from all the leading Opticians, Photographic Dealers and Chemists, from whom Catalogues may be had on application ; also, direct from YORK & SON, LANCASTER ROAD, NOTTING HILL, LONDON, W. NEGATIVES EOUGHT. 87, TT. J. DOGGETT, Manufacturing Tin-Plate Worker to the Optical Lantern and Photographic Trades, 4, CHURCH LANE, UPPER ST., LONDON, N. Lanterns in Japanned Tin-Plate or Mahogany—Russian Iron Lamps. SPHCLAL. 3} Hand-painted Slides, from 4d.; Photographic, from 6d. ; beautifully-coloured Slides in Sets of 12, price 4s. 6d.; “Stanley ’” Slides on Sale or Hire, lowest prices in the trade; Comic Slipping in Mahogany Frames, 7s. 6d. doz.; Lever Action, 2s. 3d.; Rackwork, 3s. each ; Best quality Interchangeable, Double Motion Chromatropey, 4s. 6d. ; Extra Discs, 1s. per pair; Lecturer’s Reading Lamps, with Flash Shutter, showing Red Light Signal, 3s. 6d.; the “Lightning Double Carrier Frame, ls. 3d. ; Slides for Small Lanterns, from id. doz.; Magic Lante:ns equally cheap. NEW CATALOGUES PUST-FREE. ROBERT H. CLARK, ROYSTON, HERTS. ' 4, Ludgate Hill (1st floor). GENERAL WANTS, &c. O: LANTERN SLIDE FRAME MAKERS.—Wanted, Estimate to supply all forms of Slide Frames.— Address, FRANK ‘VEEKS, 21, Thorpe-road, Forest Gate, kK, END for List of High-class Photographic Shides, at ts. and &s. doz., equal to those costing treble. Sets taken in exchange.—J. MCLELLAN, 36, St. Paul’s Rd., London, N. wet D, Operator for Triple Lantern, practically experienced in every detail; permanent engagement travelling. State lowest salary, references, &c.—' OPTICAL,” Hungarton Villa, Oakleigh Road, Whetstone, Middlesex. V HAT OFFERS in Exchange for 2 new GRIFFITHS lantern slide reducing Camera.—T. RUSSELL, care of this Journal. OMPETENT LANTERN OPERATOR (lime-light), can accept Occasional Evening Engagement.—H., 171, Brockley Road, S.E. ATENT of HAND-CAMERA FOR SALE. This Camera is one of those described in THE OPTICAL MAGIC LANTERN JOURNAL, in the series, Zand Cameras for obtaining Slides for the Lantern.—Address in first instance, “ L,"' c/o the Kditor. DNGAGEMENT wanted by Expcricnced Operator to “4 manipulate lantern during the coming season, in and around London preferred —DNNERGY, care of this Journal. 10 FT. Oxygen Bottle wanted, can give useful exchange, Reply at once as bottle require by August ith.— G. S. PRITCHARD, care of the Editor. O YOUNG LADY ARTISTS. ‘Expe.ienced Slide Colorist;wanted.—Apply personally to Trade Manager, J. H. STEWARD'S — high-class OPTICAL LANTERNS And DISSOLVING VIEW APPARATUS with all latest improvements. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES, Gratis, Post-frec. 406, 457, STRAND; 54, CORNHILL, LONDON, SANDS, HUNTER & Coa,, PHOTOGRAPHIC APPARATUS MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS. Depot for Second-Hand Cameras, Lenses, &c., by the most Noted Makers. Catalogue post free. 20, Cranbourne St., Leicester Square, London, W.C. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF THE PATENT “MARVEL” 10s. 6d. QUARTER PLATE, DETECTIVE OR HAND CAMERA. POSTAGE SIXPENCE EXTRA. 10s. Gd. Fitted with Achromatic Lens of perfect detinition, Fixed Focus, Instantaneous or Time Shutter, covered with Waterproof Cloth, For use with Double Dark Slides. THE “It basa good view lens, and an ingenious shutter. . . . “The photographstaken withit . . July 23rd. SPECIMEN PHOTO TAREE STAMPS. “MARVEL,”’ fitted with Finder, 12s, Gd. each. Postage 6d. extra. Is well pat together. are far better than onc would expect withaninetrument at the figure uamed. Each Camera Guaranteed. It is more than @ toy.’ —Amwilews Photographer, June sth, sot. ° Lt is Simplicity itsell. "—f£Avlography S. WILSON & SON, 26, Talbot Square, BLACKPOOL.