The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (August 1892)

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vill. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. CHEAPEST & BEST PRINTING PAPER IN THE WORLD. Cheapness in Photographic Materials ought not to be the only consideration, but when you read the above heading—wherever you find it—kindly compare prices and judge for yourself, At the same time remember :— 1. That our Chloride Paper produces better prints than any albumen paper. 9. Bither matt or glace surfaces are casily obtainable. 3. Any tone can be easily and veeularly obtained. poeta baie 4. It is cheaper than any first-class albuinen paper. 5. It is the most conveniently packed paper in the world. 6. There is no waste in silvering. 7. There is no waste in cutting. 8. These seven clauses are endorsed by the best judges in the photographie world. BOceeveeooooooo SOEseooososoe ecsesoosoooooom PRICES. 3i x 42 Packets, containing 36 Sheets 5 x 4 . ” 9A ss 63 x 43 .; 16 =» ALY 5 x 7% ” ” 13s eines 6 x 8 —_ : 9 , SIZES. 8 x 10 s r 6 » 10 x 12 ” ii A 5 Sheets 244 x 17 . is “is ee ae Kes ee Per Quire 15/es oe sad 2-Quire 7/6 » FQuire 4/ > f-Quire 1/4 FOR CONTINENTAL SIZES SEE CONTINENTAL LISTS. ea Manufactured only by the BASTMAN PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALS COMPANY, LTD., 115, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W. PARIS: 4, PLACE VENDOME. NICE: PLACE GRIMALDI, ROCHESTER, N-Y.,U-S.A. THE EASTMAN KODAK CO.