The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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i The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. TRANSPARENCIES MADE OR COLOURED iy. Tae BeSsLl FoOSssi Pim. NAD IN Bi BY FREDERICK J. STEDMAN, iv4, BRIDGE ROAD, BATTERSEA, LONDON, S.W. CORRESPONDENCE INVITED Ww. "R. “ATL, L &S ON, All MAGIC LANTERN and other ENTERTAINERS < : who reside in LANCASHIRE or YORKSHIRE, or who are open Optical Scenic Artists © to take Engagements in these counties, should send their Name, 44 | Address, and full particulars for insertion in the “Entertainers? uf the Royal ag he tla nna for 35 Years, Directory,” to be published shortly by the West Rrpinc ADVERTISING AGENey. Post free Eight pence. ALSO THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL LHRATRES ETC, ETC. BRR LEY EEE Originally CHILDE & HILL, bs ? DS. Sole Inventors of Dissolving Views and Effects. Also the Chromatrope, Chromo Ediotrope, & Introducers ———_——_—_—— of the ime Light on to the Stage (Drury Lane, 1855). | Magnificent Modern Bi-unial Lantern | Speciality in first-class proto colouring with g-inch finest Condensers, large double combination Front Lenses with original and striking sky effects. rack and pinion, chamber and blow-through jets, Malden dissolving tap, ready for use. Also for above, fifteen ma nificent hand paintings Now being exhibited with gveat success at the Royal Polytechnic P y. ey & P g Institution Statue of Liberty with grand electric light effects | 7 by 5. Set of the grand Opera “ Der Freischut2" with marvellous Trade Names and Advertisements also. Inserted, eftects, from the Royal Polytechnic Institution, Grand set of the leffects. God 1 y ee ee te hes reices (cga. ). of the | *Ship'on Fire” effects. Large chromatropes, Rackuntz astronomical Rosa, eftuct-of whole range lit up with rose pink (regd.), etc. slides and diagrams most beautitully executed. Fine set of ‘ Pil grim’s Progress” with effects. A fortune to be obtained as a travelling show, to exbibit on a large or small scale. Will be sold a 13, BBVBRSBROOK RD, MUPNBLL PARK, LONDON, N. | avoumetatait,, novessangble ter selosed” mpi Perfectly Safe as the saturator portion is eclf-supplying, so is always fully charged, and the gas fully saturated. No Waiting, works just the same as any ordinary jet. New list of choice effect sets will be ready shortly. Will Dissolve just the same as any ordinary jet. Very Compact, occupying no more space, and causes less obstruction in lantern than any ordinary jet. Works Perfectly with benzoline, costing 3d. per hour. Weighs only 12 lbs. with three hours’ charge. Most Simple, portable, and brilliant lime light it is possible to possess. SUITER’S SAFETY SATURATOR AND JET Combined in one. Price 40s. Trade Discount. Circular now eady Agent: EX, WXOOD & Coa., 32, Newington Butts (Near Elephant & Castle), Gondon, S.E. WOOD'S LANTERNS AND SLIDES ON SALE OR HIRE. 100,000 Slides to Select from. PLAIN SLIDES, 12s. per doz. Tne “‘ EUPHANERON” LANTERN, with the four-wick W Lamp, £4 4s. The “CHEAP” LANTERN, with 4-in. Condenser and three wick Lamp, £1 10s. “MAGIC LANTERNS: How Made and How Used,” by A. A. WOOD, post free, 1s. 2d. Wood’s New List of Slides and Lanterns. Post-free for One Stamp. ro. G. WOOD, 74. CHEHRAPSIDE, LONDON Aud HORNE, THORNTHWAITE & WOOD, 416, STRAND, LONDON, W.C.