The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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142 _ The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. is composed of an endless band, so that when one is desirous of going either up or down, they have merely tostand on one of the steps. The bands, when not made to travel up or down, form an ordinary stair. * * * So-CALLED everlasting limes, or limes which do not deteriorate by being kept in an ordinary atmosphere have been long looked for. When at Mr. Walter Tyler’s establishment at Waterloo Road, he showed usa lime with which he had been experimenting. The sample shown to us, had, he said, been placed into water for many hours and then dried and submitted to a stream of gas from a jet and was found to give a good light. If these can be manufactured at low cost there is no doubt that there will be an enormous demand for them. We have been promised a few with which to try some experiments, and hope to give the result in an early issue of this journal. If our report is a favourable one, Mr. Tyler can look out for a rush, as there are very few people in the world interested in lantern matters who are not constant readers of this journal. Messrs. Ricaarp Freres, of Paris, have appointed Messrs. Jos. Levi & Co., Furnival cording instruments. ae Iv is stated that oxygen can be cheaply and rapidly generated by placing in a capacious retort, three parts of bichromate of potas and four parts of commercial sulphuric acid. The temperature required is said to be very low, as a large quantity may be obtained by the application of an ordinary lamp, * Bd Messrs, Riney Bros., are about to supply the Lawson saturator to suit a biunial lantern, they having overcome all difficulties respecting dissolving with a saturator. cas as ok Tu Photo Times of New York, speaking of exhibition awards says :— If ten bandy-legged men were to hold a race together, and one being a little better than the rest won the race, would he be entitled to a medal as the racer? A similar question may be asked in the case of exhibitions held by the small societies, consisting of a number of poor workers. Those a little above the average get the reward and become medallists. What honour is attached to such a proceeding?” x * * At the Conversazione given to the members of the British Association by the Mayor and Local Committee of Nottingham, Anderton’s Lantern Stereoscope was exhibited. The demonstrations were announced to take place at stated times, but sogreat was the rush to see the stereoscopic screen pictures that the time table could not possibly be adhered to, and during the two evenings over one thousand spectators saw this development of the optical lantern. The slides projected had been printed from their ordinary stereoscopic negatives by Messrs. York and Son, Notting Hill; Messrs. McLellam, Canonbury ; and Messrs. Underwood ; and comprised Statuary, Animals in the Zoo, Exteriors, Interiors, Flowers, etc. A striking illusion was shown when aslide of a group of lilies was thrown upon the screen. Mr, Anderton was warmly complimented upon the complete success of his | invention by many of the scientists who wit| nessed the exhibition. * Ee * At the Stanley Cycle Show, to be held at the Agricultural Hall, November 17th to 25th, a | phot hi hibiti ill be held, at which Street, E.C., as their agents for their self-re' Se eee ates twenty medals (gold, silver, and bronze) will be awarded. This compeition is open to amateurs and professionals, and full particulars may be obtained from the manager of the Photo Section, Mr. W. D. Welford, 57 and 58, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. : > iE Tue 38th annual exhibition of the Exhibition Photo Society of Great Britain (54, Pall Mall) was opened by a conversazione on the 23rd ult., and will remain open to the public until November 15th. The exhibition of framed photographs upon the walls is very fine, and consists of about 350 subjects, and upon table stands are to be found nearly twenty entries of excellent lantern | slides. An interesting array of apparatus is to : be found, consisting of new forms of lanterns, | cameras, stands, and photographic sundries, including a gigantic camera capable of extending to 15ft., and taking a plate 36 x 36 inches. On Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evenings lantern slides will be projected upon the screen, and on some of these evenings will also be shown the projection of binocular slides, which can, by the aid of an instrument described in our columns a few months ago, be ; seen with stereoscopic effect.