The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. iii. ARCHER'S LANTERN NOVELTIES. 7 ” The most perfect Single THE IDEAL LANTERN. Lantern in Pie market. Fnthusiastic Testimonials from Paul Lange, Esqy., G. E. ThompWill show to perfection any distance, S feet to 80 feet from the screen. THE “IDEAL” DISSOLVER AND CARRIER FRAME. ne Highly praised son, Iisq., Manchester Camera Club, and many others. most perfect ever invented for Single Lanterns. and used by the editor of this journal. Price 25s. A Wonderfully Good Safety Jet. Price 16s. The ‘ Photinus,” greatly improved, the most powerful Oil-Light Lantern in the world. Price complete £4 4s. New Set of Slides, “Slum Life in our Great Cities,’ direct photos. Reading 6d. post free. Price 12s. per dozen. New Drawing Master Slide or Sketcher. Price 35s. Price £8 15s. COMPLETE, or Plainer Finish £7 5s. New Illustrated Catalogue, Many Novelties, Post Free, One Stamp, ARCHER & SONS, Patentees and Manufacturers, 43 to 49, LORD ST., LIVERPOOL. Estd. 1848, GENERAL WANTS, &c. JANTED, Set of 38in. astronomical glass slides, \ send description, state price.--McKenzie, 1, Greig Street, Inverness. PECTOGHAP AIC Lantern Slides.—List of new Subjects at 7/dozen, now ready. A Large Variety of Stereoscopic Slides, 6/dozen.—J. W. McLeuay, Publisher, 36, St. Paul’s Road, Canonbury, London. A PRACTICALLY experienced lantern operator, who has filled numerous successful engagements at most of the Halls throughout Great Britain is desirous of centering into an engagement with an Institution or lecturer ; highest references.—‘‘ Capable,” c/o this Journal, | Eber SATURATOR, with new special safety ether jot, T piece, tubing, box, lock and key complete, price 32s. the lot.—Lantern, 7, Clarence Terrace, Silver Hill, St. Leonards-on-Sea. G. IRWIN, 3, Melgund Road, Highbury, N., e Lantern Operator. Entertainments provided. oe to accept engagements in neighbourhood of ondon. AS Experienced Operator, having a first-class out: fit, desires a Partner for the purpose of organising exhibitions in suburbs of London. — Address ‘ Bi-unial,”” 3, Melgund Road, Highbury, N. Se Mahogany Bi-unial, tin fronts, extra J) tops and base, curtain, lamps, 4 in. condensers, &c, List price, £14 13s. Offers, particulars from R. Fairbairn, Oulton, Aylsham. 1D eee View’ Apparatus, Bi-unial lantern, jets, dissolving tap, cylinder, 12 foot screen, 200 plain and coloured slides, &c. Cost £30. What offers, —John Burns, 16, Butler Green, Hollinwood, Oldham. AN Experienced Operator of Bi-unial or Triple Lantern desires Engagement for a time or permanency; eighteen years’ experience, no objection to travel. —Address Goodland, 118, Seven Sisters’ Road, South Tottenham, N. \ Ay ANTED.— Gxyeen and Hydrogen Cylinders, Regu ) lator and Guage. Must be cheap.—PrcKERINa, Highcross Street, Leicester. AGNIFICENT collection of 2,500 high-class slides ? Professor Malden wishes to dispose of the larger part of his choice views and effects. Lecture sets, stones, mechanicals, levers, original effects, slipping, &c., by Hill, Carpenter and Westley, Doubell, Hughes, Otway, and others. The slides will be sold at a great sacrifice, in large or small lots. Also a compact triple lantern, 44 in. condensers, cross fronts, long and short powers, travelling cases, &c., £10.—22, Portland Road, Finsbury Park, N. OOKS on Lantern. ‘ight: a course of experimental optics for the lantern,” 7s. 6d. {'' Optical Projection,” 6s, by Lewis Wright ; good as new, price 6s. 6d. the two.—C. D., office of this paper. ALF-PLATE Wide-angle Rectilinear Lens, by Marion, as new ; cost £3, will take £2,—Address Rev. Atkins, Normandy, Guildford. OR SAIE.—18 colored slides and 24 plain Aus tralia set : also 12 odd plain slides 16s. the lot ; first Post Office Order (deferred payment if desired), has them.—S. Bretton, Strand House, Torquay. T,YNGAGEMENT as Lanternist ; capable of illustrating good lectures, part own apparatus, twenty yeaes’ experience, will tour.—F., 18, Triangle, Bournemouth. ANTERN SLIDES made from Negatives, Photos, Prints, etc. 9s, per dozen, Mounted and Finished Complete.—Bellyse, Sutton Courtney, Berks. ARE CHANCE.—Splendid International }pl. Outfit, Slide-making Camera, &c.; new, cost £12: ill health, take £6; beautifully complete. — Missionary, 44, Ringford Road, Wandsworth, Coe the Invisible Drawing Master, with illustrated instructions, working order. What offers, cash or small lantern screen twelve feet.—Blaker, Borough Studio, Worthing. OPTICAL LANTERNS, J. & R. OLDFIELD, Practical Workers in Russian Iron, Tin Plate, &c., &c., Thirty years’ experience in the manufacture of Optical Lanterns & Photographic Dark Room Lamps, &c., 26, GEORGE STREET, PARADE, BIRMINGHAM. &c.