The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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iv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. W. WATSON & SONS, 313, High Holborn, London, MANUFACTURERS oF HIGHEST CLASS OPTICAL ‘& SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS. BI-UNIAL AND TRIPLE LANTERNS, AN IMMENSE STOCK OF FINEST THREE AND FOUR-WICK OIL LANTERNS, | PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS, of Highest Quality a and I fficiency. ! Illustrating all parts of the World, 12/per dozen. LANTERN TRIPODS, GAS APPARATUS, SCREENS, | SPECTAL PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERAS AND SCREEN STANDS For taking Lantern Pictures. An Illustrated Catalogue sent free to any address on application. Ask for Lantern List. W. WATSON & SONS 313, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. ; ee tean * 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, FULWOOD’S RENTS, LONDON. 1837. 251, SWANSTON ST., MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, MRrAT’S Ox BVGOezZWN., BEST RESULTS CAN ONLY BE OBTAINED WITH BRIN’S OXYGEN INSIST. UPON HAVING BRIN’S OXYGEN, AS INFERIOR OXYGEN IS BEING SOLD BY OTHER MAKERS. Test the quality of the oxygen supplied to you, or bring it i one of the Works of the Brin’s Oxygen Companies, where it will be analysed free of charge. Brin’s oxygen is from 25 per cent to 35 per cent purer than other kinds now being sold, and lasts twice as long. To ensure good quality, good measure and safety from accidents, buy only of the BRIN’S COMPANIES and their accredited agents A large Assortment of Cylinders, Gauges, Regulators, Inhaling Appaiatus and Fittings kept in Stock. PRICE LISTS AND FULL PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. ADDRESSES :— LONDON : BRIN'S OXYGEN COMPANY, LIMITED, 34, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W. MANCHESTER : THE MANCHESTER OXYGEN (BRIN'S PATENT) COMPANY, LTD., Great Marlborough Street, Manchester, BIRMINGHAM: THE BIRMINGHAM OXYGEN COMPANY, LIMITED, Saltley Works, Birmingham. Telegraphic Addresses :—“ Brin’s Oxygen, London.” ‘‘ Oxygen, Manchester.” ‘‘Baryta, Birmingham.” , Acknowledged by Experts of Renown to be the Best Lantern Plate yet placed upon the market, "Kine "CADETT” LANTERN PLATE. Warm Tones, | Black Tones. OF Pedal D ERALERS. CADETT & NEALL, ASHTEAD, SURREY. LONDON DEPOT:—W. WATSON & SUNS, 313, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C.