The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. v. & 4A. We ES SS Wi. Go AA FS SS EE, LANTERN SLIDE MAKER, COLORIST, &c., (LaxtTeERNist To THE ‘“GincHRist Lectures” By APPOINTMENT OF THE TRUSTEES). Slides made from Negatives, Prints, Engravings, by WET COLLODION PROCESS ONLY Terms, Testimonials, dc., on ee Only Address:—10, EDINBURGH GROVE, UPPER ARMLEY, LEEDS. FARCELS TO ARMLUEY G.N DARLINGTON’S HAND-BOOKS TO NORTH WALES OPTICAL LANTERN LECTURES, With Maps by John Bartholomew, F.R.G.8., and By RALPH DARLINGTON, F.R.G M W. & A. K. Johnst —15) pe Svo., Rétenstuely Tllustrated. Pelt Lista ok Application, td pre in Bp ant Exoeriences on he Ni oo RLINGTON'S NATURALIST SERIES Across North A‘rica—90 Slides. The Binds, Wild Flowers, Ferns, Mosses & Grasses of N. Wales, | Pompei Past and Present, and the Bay of Naples—80 Slides By Ralph Darlington, Fr. hk G.S., F.R.B.S., F.R.H The Sights ot Rome—50 Slides. Full Lists and Press Opinions on “Application. Picturesque Italy : Past and Present—100 Slides. LLANGOLLEN: R. DARLINGTON & CO. ‘a wi icati LONDON: SUTTON, DROWLEY & CO.; W. H. SMITH & SON, Prospectuses and Terms [or Lectures this winter on Application, Railway Bookstalls and all Booksellers. R. DARLINGTON, Greenheys, Llangollen, North Wales, Speciai Lantern Slides. H. HUGHES AND SON, STUDIES OF LITTLE LITTLE CHILDREN, , | PANFERN SEASON, 1891 & 1892. Very much admire All New Slides and Apparatus Now Ready. SER et ale aan sRIeIaE SARIS OUR SPECIAL OPTICAL LANTERN 35 SHILLINGS. essrs. Archer & Sons, Liverpool, say :— Hire Terms Greatly Reduced. LISTS FR RE! ei ae TH Cae RE ADS aORELIED. NEW ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE POST FREE, Graystone Bird, “Photographer, Bath, 59, Fenchurch Street, London, E.C. De M Anopesew’s FIKONOGEN (PATENTED. THE WELL-KNOWN UNIVERSAL DEVELOPER, 4/9 per oz. (Specially adapted for all Plates and Bromide Papers.) EIKONOGEN CARTRIDGES Invaluable for Tourists = 3/={ per box of 10. : FIXING CARTRI DGES Giving an acid fixing bath freejfrom stain 1/9 9 TONE=FIXING CARTRI DGEStnhe most perfect combined bath@/9Q9 ” Simply to be dissolved in 4-0z. of Water. Each Cartridge sufficient to tone & fix one packet of any Chloride papers. TO BE OBTAINED OF ALL DEALERS, Sole Importers: ARTHUR SCKWAFZ & GC., DASHWOOD EOUSE, NEW BROAD STREET, LONLON, E.¢.