The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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vi. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic ‘Enlarger. Tee tua Old by all Dealers, Telephone Wow 9,365 THOMAS’S “PALL MALL” LANTERN PLATES DEFY IMITATION. The enormous demand for them has arisen simply on account of their qualities; they furnish all that the best Lanternist can require in a plate for contact or Camera use. On Snacialiy seieereck thin glass Z/m per dozen. W Th F [ (|. Thornton Heath, London, R.W. Thomas & Co. Ltd. cess. ee AMIDOL-HAUFF | cm*5. GLYCIN-HAUFF : = A 1 Developer for Copying and A One-Solution Developer, unsur: Process Work ; can be used to develop ‘Zz 3 plates in batches where exposure has been much varied, merely allowing sufficient time to obtain the best results. A i passed for Energy. Simplicity, Clean Aommnennnnnnnnen: Seay > liness, and Economy. Py PAA May truly be called an Automatic Developer. Price in Powder; Z/per oz. METOL-HAUFF A Two Solution Developer, destined to speedily ay supersede Pyro.Our advice to all is to verify this Statement by giving it a fair trial. Price in Powder, 2/6 per oz. In Cartridges, 3/per box of six. To be obtained of all Dealers, and Wholesale of the Sole Agents for United Kingdom and theColonies— | FUERST BROS., | 17, Philpot Lane, London, E.C. ; imaliewiaess as “FUERST, Wasaga: se ARRAS PLEASE SEE THAT EACH PACKAGE BEARS THE ENGLISH TRADE-MARK, AS ILLUSTRATED.