The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. XI, YORK’'S OPTICAL LANTERN SLIDES FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES, Embracing every branch of Science, as well as INTERESTING and MORAL TALES. Many of the latter are Lllustrated from Life. SOME OF OUR NEW SETS, 1893-34.—Chicago Exhibition, Chicago City, Stockholm, Canary and Madeira, Vienna, Christiania, Ceylon, London to Greece, Athens and the Pirzus, Cities of North Italy. LIFE MODEL SETS.—Musical Box, Suit of Black, Dotheboys Hall, The Haunted Smithy, Death of Paul Dombey. COMIC SETS.—Faith Jes Nelly Gray, Fidgetty Phillip, Catastrophe, Slipping Slides Adventures of Mr. Snapshot, etc., etc. THIRTEEN MEDALS AWARDED FOR EXCELLENCE Lists for ensuing Season now ready, and may be had from all the leading Opticians, Photo Dealers and Chemists. Wholesale Prices on Application. YORK & SON, 67, Lancaster Road, Notting Hill, LONDON, W. LANTERNIST’S a ENTS, _ CHEMICAL TANK. For scientific experiMii ments in the lantern; fil| made in glass and indiafi) rubber: not affected by #.| chemicals; mounted in Z a #8 Bill mahogany frames. Spe& BINDER Biiiti! cial large tank to take ei a Mil! plate for hawind develR EANTERNS opment, &c., onscreen, “ a tt ie aa BY = Prico 2s. Post fees 2s, 3d. : : W. BUTCHER & SON’S CHALLENGE LIMES. Best Selected Thin Glass and Gummed Binders. Best Manufactured and Specially Selected. MAKES THE NEATESI SLIDE POSSIBLE Per dozen, in Tins A as Soft, 1s.6d. Hard, 2s. Price 1s. per Box of 12. Pest Free, 1s. 3d. LIME CYLINDER HOLDER. | “PRIMUS” i SPOT BINDING STRIPS FOR LANTERN SLIDES. Price 1s. Post Free, 1s: 3d. AIR-TIGHT, FOR HOLDING SIx LiMEs. COVER GLASSES. 8pecial Line Extra thin Sheet, guaranteed Selected and Cleaned. Bs, per gross, 94, porsample dozen. Post Free, 1s, 1s, per box. Post Free, {s, ad. TD bind 100 Slides. SOLE MANUFACTURERS AND PROPRIETORS :—_ W. BUTCHER & SON, PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIAL DEALERS, BLACKHEATH, LONDON, S.E.