The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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Ex, The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. ASK YOUR OPTICIAN FOR DUPLEX REGULATOR 30s. OXYGEN Speciality from CHLORATE OF POTASH. Patentee of the Bourdon Safety Gauge. CYLINDERS ALL SIZES IN STOCK. Valves and Fittings, Patentee of the Bourdon Safety Gauge. {jpza CWLINDERS FILLED WHILE CUSTOMER WAITS. ny oS OO SED Manufacturer—A. CLARKSON, 28, BARTLETT’S BUILDINGS, HOLBORN CIRCUS, LONDON. The Onward Optical Lantern Depot, 124 & 126, PORTLAND STREET, MANCHESTER. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. TRADE ENQUIRIES SOLICITED. OUR NEW SETS for 1893-1. PLAIN, 1s.; COLOURED, 1s. 9d. per Slide. Every Temperance Worker who uses the Lantern ' Temperance Sets from Drawings by F. F. Weekes, &c. :— should see these Sets. The Child—what will he become +s ee ee 10 alides. Temperance Sets From Life Models :— A Wholesome Meal... 9 isy’ 3 Servi re, Pa . 21slides, | The Same Old Serpent A os oa oe 7 w Metis Hab Ge de ne ey ee SUMO | tiara Mies Speech Cuaideanay a% Little Nan cc 2 ee a = om wa 18 | Illustrated Temperance Songs from Life Modela:— Poor Bob’s Prayer .. ste of es as 12 , | No One Cares for Me .. ate aie aie as o 4 Eva's Kiss (not Temperance).. ee oe aa 10 4, | Father, Won’t You Try ? we a -_ es 38 4 Little Flo., a fe : (ey Father’s a Drunkard ., si Sy Slides Coloured by our own Artists on reasonable terms. All other Maker’s Slides kept in Stock. Clergymen, Schools and Philanthropic Societies specially catered for. Slides loaned from 1s. per doz. to 5s. per 100. Lanterns of every Description. Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas in Cylinders always in Stock. ALL REQUISITES FOR LANTERNISTS. LIST POST FREE, OPTICAL LANTERNS & LIMELIGHT APPARATUS INSTANTO-COMBINATION JET (Patent applied for) 16s. This jet can be instantly used as a Safety, or High Pressure jet, by turning a finall lever It is fitted with cog-wheel motion, for raising and lowering Limes Lever ‘Taps, &c., and is of first class finish, | List of particulars free. Kept by all Dealers. Optical Lanterns of every description, complete and in parts. E.H. KLOOT, 18, Aldgate Avenue, London, E.C. LAWSON PATENT SATURATOR AND LIMELIGHT. Direct trom Patentee. Price 50/W. LAWSON, Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire. DON’T B A DONKEY And carry old-fashioned clumsy apparatus when you can have BAMBOO TRIPOD STANDS, rigid. elegant, and portable, we'ghing from 14 928, prices from 3s. Gd. ; folding do., from 5s.; sliding do., from 12s. Bamboo Stands for flaeh lights, signalling lanterns, screen clevators, tc. Bamboo Studious for lawns or elsewhcre, very portable. Cheney’s Lanternist’s Equipment for garden parties, fetes, kc. Cameras, Lenses, Tripods, and every ‘description of photographic and lantern requisites, supplicd at the lowest possible prices. Ask your dealer for Cheney's goods. If he can’t or won't supply you, write direct to the Works for list. CHENEY Cedar Villa, Beckenham, And Bamboozola, Elmer's End.