The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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“ee The (Optical Magic Lantern J ournal and Photographic Enlarger. XX, SUNDAY LANTERN SERVICES THE LANTERN BIBLE. Our Catalogue contains over 1000 Subjects, illustrating the Bible History from cover to cover. All the pictures are selected with special care from the works of the greatest ancient and modern Masters; and the texts (numbering about 200 additional stides) carefully chosen by an experienced lanternist, who has also given close attention to their proper “display.” Help declares this to be ‘‘ Much the most comprehen. sive of any series of piztures yet prepared.” Catalogue, rost free, on application to STEVEN BROS., 33, Osborne St., City, GLASGOW. THE LANTERN MISSION. Special Seripture Slides for Lantern Mission Service. Compiete “Lantern Bible" over 1,000 Subjects. Special Detailed Catalogue of Lantern Bible Slides post free. All the latest Life Models and Lecture Sets stocked as published. COMPLETE LANTERN OUTEITS BEST QUALITY. LOWEST PRICES. Great Reduction of Charges for Hirk oF SuipEs. Sent by post or rail to any part. Hire Lists Post Frue. Write for full detailed Catalogue of Lauterns, Slides, and Apparatus (250 pages), 6d wy. kL. REED, Optical Lantern Outfitter, 1, WESTMORLAND ROAD, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE, SLIDE MAKING From NEGATIVES, PRINTS, SKETCHES, &c. AND BEST COLOURING ONLY. WILKINSON & CO., HOLMESIDE, SUNDERLAND. Telegrams, ‘OXYGEN, SUNDERLAND.” PSTABLISHED 1859 Dissolving View Magic Lanterns and Slides Photographic Apparatus, Scientific Instruments and every description of miscellaneous property. R. J.C. STEVENS begs to announce that he holds Sales of the above, every Friday. at half-past twelve precisely, at his great Rooms, 38, King Street, Covent Garden, ondon. Gentlemen wishing to include property in these Sales are requested to send particulars one week prior to sale. Every Lanternist should commence the Season with MATTEE Ws’ NEW Portable Optical Lantern, 35, DANBURY ST., ISLINGTON, LONDON, N. (.v) VALENTINE & SONS’ f€Selebrated Kuantern Glides Are the Best Toned and most carefully-selected Slides on the Market. Every Slide put out by us is made by the Wet Plate Process, which is still unrivalled for Depth and Beauty of Tone. OUR NEW CATALOGUE is now ready, and will be forwarded FREE on application to— 154, PERTH ROAD, DUNDEE. Amongst our New Sets are the following :— No. of Slides 1—A Tour through New Zealand .. 50] 5.—The Fjelds and Fjords of Norway 50 50; 6.—ANight with Burns : 36 8.—An Hour in Shakespeare’ 'sCountry 86 7.—Animal Studies atthe Zoo.. .. an 4.—Fifty Wonders in Nature and Art 50 | 8.—Madeira, the Sunny Isle_.._.. 2.—Ditto ditto 2nd Series .. Beant ee GAS REGULATOR Medal awarded, Sept. 1891, Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Exhibition, Eclipse Single Lantern Slide Carrier HIGHLY COMMENDED, ‘« Pringle Beard” Miniature Telescopic Lantern. Fitted with special helioscopic jacket focussing. Skewed gearing for lime turning off jet. Packs into polished mahogany case; outside sizes, 8sin. by , Osin. by 74in. high. To be had at any Opticians. R. R. BEARD, 62 Alscot Road, Bermondsey, London 38.E. | 6 inch equivalent focus aperture nearly #/3 .. -410 0 9 inch aperture fully f/4 are -510 0 6 inch and 9 inch ed both fitting one rack j cket 910 0 No. of Slides No. of Slides 9.—The Land of William the Conqueror «+. 40 10.—Brittany and Brittany Folk .. 36 WRAY LANTERN LENSES. PRICES WITH RACK AND PINION. £s. 4, 10 % Discount for Gash with Order List of Photographic Lenses free. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE OF TELESCOPES AND MICROSCOPES FOR STAMP. Ww. Ww kr & x, OPTICIAN, NORTH HILL, HIGHGATE, LONDON, N.