The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (October 1893)

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RXiv. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. Lime-Light Jets, LENSES. milan, Retail & Export, direct from the Maker. i ILLUSTRATED LIST OF OTHER JETS ; Condensers Compound for Enlarging or | Optical Lantern. FREE to any part of the world. Special Blow-throngh 1 Os P] same as Illustration. POST All Fets guaranteed best make & fintsh, Ss 13, OSSULSTON ST,, LONDON, N.W, Trig LANTERN 15 AL bp ror’ Ure £ERO FCR TEETIMORIELS. W. ‘STOCKS, *1Qs, FREE AS SUPPLIED WITH HIS LATEST ae LANTERN £O ACMIRABLY with LIME LICHT. Inventor, 4 4t 4h 5 a3 6 7 8 9 ins. diameter | 9/12/15/21/a7]. 36/45/60/100/each. SpeciaL Form 4 4g = riple Condensers 4} FOR Lona Focus. — Price each 12/6 16/6 18/25/° | Single Lenses to replace broken ones at half the above prices. . LANTERN LENSES Best English Make, giving superb definition E bor N St : a 3 ececthicizy OES0N fine 25 and flat field, in rack mount, 18s. 6d. a SLIDE COLORING------EN | rch ble M 35 i ey eee ay LONDON. = | In Interchangeable Mounts, 35s. z CHEAPEST H | Large Size for long focus, 45s " These can be had in matched pairs or threes tor dissolving effects STOCG SKS? without extra charge. Any of these lenses sent on three days approval. PATENT OIL LAMP with above, £3 12s. C. GOODWIN NORTON, | 38, Marchmont St., London, W.C. | | A ‘Highclass Single Lantern, complete, fitted 1 | RYE. STEREOPTICONS, g Oa Making Apparatus, ‘Our Speciality for 1893 WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION LANTERN SLIDES _ We Manufacture, Import & Deal “Write for Catalogue Mention this Jou rnal. ~McINTOSH HA ' BATTERY2 OPTIGAL COMPANY, | LE NM /) 2 Chicago, Ill, U.S.A. Printed and Published by the Proprietors, TaxLor Bros, 56,'Chancery Lane, London, W.O.