The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1893)

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THE OPTICAL MAGIC LANTERN —JOURNAL PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. EDITED BY J. HAY TAYLOR. Vol. 4.—-No. 54. | seaomece tau! NOV. 1, 1893. Price One Penny. CONTENTS. PAGE Notes... aa ae me ee) (5) Judging Lantern Slides at Exhibitions 2. | cee ee 166 The Problem of Inexpensive Rtereostopie Projection. . ve ee ee 166 Inside some Saturators.. .. Sara oie ae ee ee one vee GR: Cycling with the Lantern .. .. 2. 0k lee lee ee 169 New Apparatus, &c. i Be) “Per eit ie ae, me ke ae aa ee ATO The Lanternist’s Den.--No. ix... .. 174 Hints to Inexperienced Lanternists .. Bis Mit. OAS Bi, se AGO Curtain Design 3 Gc task? eur jake etd The Rival Merits of ‘Single and Double Lanterns. bis; ~tepe~adea --arat a Oils and Oil Lamps for the Lantern.—vi. $i? year lew gal mare ae. 180 Experiments for the Domestic Circle bg de RL ee ey ces “Ae SD Editorial Table 6. 6. we ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee 182 Oorrespondence .. .. oe we ee ee ee ee ewe ne ne 188 Notes and Queries aa; a? Es RS lee. Se, SA ee oe: ae BO Notices. Tur Optical Magie Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger is issued on the Ist of every month, price One Penny, and may be obtained from all Newsvendors, Railway News Stalls, Photographic Dealers, or from the Publishers, at the following rates, post free :— United States. 12 months is ae | O2E 60 cents. Single copies .. Sr ee 6 « Advertisements (Scale ‘of Charges), auplay 3 — s. Front and back pages, by arrangement. Ordinary page (whole). . (half) (quarter) (eighth) : per 1 inch in column... mH OD a ” ” ” ” ” ” H Waooune coocooco ” 4 Special ‘quotations for a series. ExcHance Column, General Wants, &c. (not Trade) — First: 20 words, 6d.; and for every 3 additional words, ld. ADVERTISEMENTS must reach the office not later than the 24th of each month. All cheques and postal orders to be made payable to Taylor Brothers. EpirortaL communications must be addressed, J. Hay Tayvntor. Advertisements and business communications to Taylor Brothers, 56, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. American Agents :—The International News Co., 83 and 85, Duane Street, New York City. NOTICE. Many CoRRFSPONDENTS STILL FORWARD THEIR ComMUNIcaTIONS TO THE OLD Appress. WILL THEY PLEASE NOTE THAT Oun ADDRESS IS 56, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.C. Notes. Many people seem to think that ether or other saturators have had their day. On investigation we are of the opinion that this is in the main the thoughts of those who for some reason or other have not yet tried them. The general reason given seems to be that ether is a dangerous thing to handle—-so is a razor for that matter ; but because a child gets hold of one and cuts its fingers, or a lunatic cuts his throat with this instrument, it would be ridiculous to suggest that people give up shaving on the plea that the razor 1s a dangerous instrument, or that steamboilers should be discarded because some one in his carelessness exploded one. We think we may safely assert that saturators, instead of having had their day, are only now becoming popular, and we have not heard that anyone who has given it a thorough trial has anything to say against modern forms, A few more seasons will find them in general use. * On the 11th ult., at the Ashton-under-Lyne Photo Society, Mr, Lees gave anew departure in a lecture on making lantern-slides. He devoted a considerable time to projecting upon the screen a number of slides, showing various faults, at the same time pointing out how these faults could be remedied. During the same lecture he showed slides with clouds printed on the cover glass, and also repeated the same slide without the clouds, thus showing the great improvement in the former.