The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (November 1893)

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vi. The Optical Magic Lantern Journal and Photographic Enlarger. W. WATSON & SONS, 313, High Holborn, London, MANUFACTURERS oF HIGHEST CLASS OPTICAL & SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS. BI-UNIAL AND TRIPLE LANTERNS, AN IMMENSE STOCK OF FINEST THREE AND FOUR-WICK OIL LANTERNS, | PHOTOGRAPHIC VIEWS, of Highest Quality and Efficiency. | Illustrating all parts of the World, 12‘ per dozen, LANTERN TRIPODS, GAS APPARATUS, SCREENS, ; SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHIC CAMERAS A SCREEN STANDS. Vor taking Lantern Pictures. Au Illustrated Catalogue cent free to any address on applicaon. Ask for Lantern List. W. WATSON & SONS, 313, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 9, 10, 11, 16. 17, FULWOOD'S RENTS, LONDON. 1837. 251, SWANSTON ST., MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA OXYGEN! OXYGEN! OXYGEN! (BRIN’S PATENTS) USE ONLY OXYGEN made by the BRIN PROCESS and Compressed by the Brin's Oxygen Companies. LARGE STOCKS OF CYLINDERS, REGULATORS, GAUGES. &. PRICE LISTS & FULL PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION. Brin’s Oxygen Co., Ltd., 34, Victoria St., Westminster. 8. W. Manchester Oxygen Co., Ltd., Great Marlborough Street, Matichester, STRMENGHAM XY SEN cO., SALTLEY WORKS, BIRMINGHAM. BIRMINGHAM 7 DRY COLLODION PLATE AND FILM COMPANY, LTD., Yardley Fields babratory, BIRMINGHAM. )BRILLIANCY in Lantern Slides. Secured by using the HILL-NORRIS DRY COLLODION LANTERN PLATES Suitable for Contact Printing or for Reduction in the Camera. eee TexbD, Wake’ ant Dre 0 TEN MINUTES. Per Dozen. From our sole Wholesale Agent, , Post Free 3 | W. TYLAR, ‘1/6 en Street, ASTON, BIRMINGHAM. LANTERN PLATES. LANTERN PLATES. Or our London Agent: H J. FALLOWFIELD, H Or on Selected thir tae: Charing Cross Road, LONDON, W. H Glass 3d, extra. OR OF ALL DEALERS. COLLODIO BROMIDE COLLODIO BROMIDE Sample Box for Trial,