The Optical Magic Lantern Journal (February 1894)

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EDWARDS ISOCHROMATIC PLAT THE OPTICAL ¢! MAGIC LANTERN — JOURNAL -—— ANDO PHOTOGRAPHIC ENLARGER. A Magazine of Popular Science for the Lecture-room and Edited byJ.HAYTaYLorR. tle Domestic Circle. [suatloners Nan Vol. 5.No. 57. FEBRUARY 1, 1804. ‘Price 1d., Post-free 2d. J. Tram Taytor, in British Sourial of Photography, says :--‘* Messrs. Perken, Sou, and Rayment claim to have produced a triple-wick oil lamp, ia which the luminosity is equal toONE HUNDRED CANDLE POWER —while the light is very pure, and the heat less than usual. We have been.present at trials made with it, and find their allegations asto PURITY and INTENSITY OF FLAME are maintained.” ; T. Rotas, in Photographic Work, says:—‘*The Optimus 100 Candle Power Oil Lamp-:the light certainly surprised us... The brightness—and above all the whiteness-—of the disc recalling a lime light. . .." Amateur Photographer, Noy 10, 1893.—"' Messrs. Perken, Son, and Rayment, of 99, Hatton Garden, have just introduced a great improvement in oil-lamps, which will be warmly welcomed by all wha use this form of illuminant. From the diagram it will beseen that central as well as side air shafts are provided, and with the greater supply ot air iscombined greater illumination and greater freedom from smell. We have had an opportunity of severely testing this lamp against some of of the best ardinary farms, and the increase in illumination is at least three times. | + The whiteness of the light is so much increased that this should be. ” useful for enlarging. _ j By means of air shafts enormaus increase of brilliancy is secured (which has heen computed to equal three times the candle power of the refulgent lamps hitherto sold_with magic lanterns—vide Report of Meeting, Bristol Photographic Association, Feb. 24, 1$93). PERKEN, SON & RAYMENT, ‘ist cross Can be had on approval. ; a ” 1893-4 Patent Lamp for Projection Lantern. 3-wicks, 2-in. wide, with chimney 25/each. LONDON. ‘OPTIMUS. MAGIG LANTERNS AND SLIDES. WALTER TYLER'S NEW BOOK, with full instructions for working all kinds of Lanterns and Apparatus, costing several hundreds of pounds, will be sent FREE on receipt of six stamps, which iucludes postage. WALTER TYLER'S HELIOSCOPIC is without doubt the best lantern manufactured ; niost brilliant light ; perfect definition. Moderate price. GREAT REDUCTIONS.—Walter Tyler is now lending Slides at less than 6d. per doz. by customers paying subscription. Fifty slides lent on hire for 8s., either coloured or plain; no extra charge for chromotypes or effects. If you require GOOD AND CHEAP LANTERNS call and inspect Walter Tyler's immense stock, or write for new list. Very great bartine in second-hand: lanterns and slides, gas cylinders, regulators, screens, stands, and all kinds of apparatus. . Upwards of 300,000 SLIDES always in stock. Great bargains in secoudhand lanterns and slides. Second-hand list and small catalogue yost free. , Best Quality. Lowest Prices. Prompt Despatch. WALTER TYLER, 48 50, WATERLOO ROAD, LONDON. EDWARDS LANTERN PLATES.